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Prince Hairy and the Mulatto Chick
(03-26-2018, 02:40 PM)Abelia Wrote:
(03-26-2018, 02:08 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote:
(03-26-2018, 05:28 AM)Abelia Wrote: So true.  I don't get into any of the royal BS.  I remember when Kate & William married.  It was mostly talked about on the round of good morning shows in which female fluff "journalists" (ie Hoda & Kathie Lee) would gush about the wedding, the dress, invitations, etc.  This union is definitely different.  The Harry and Meghan union IS being pushed really hard - talked about much more than the Kate & Will union.

It's also being politicized, something I've never seen happen around any royal wedding.  On GMA, journalists like George Stephanopoulos are reporting how President Trump might not get a wedding invitation from Harry and Meghan.  News stories being published left and right stating Obama will get an invite but Trump will not be invited.
Then it got extremely weird and off-putting when Prince Harry interviewed Obama:

Without a doubt, there's definitely globalist agendas going on here.  I've never seen British royalty so involved in American politics like these two.  Have never seen a British royal interview any of our former Presidents.  It's weird, it's creepy.

well are there rules about this shit?  When William gets married, he is the next King, so inviting the President would maybe be protocol.   but hairy is just an extra Prince, so maybe there would be no reason to invite politicians from abroad?   in which case, Hairy is just buddied up with Obama, so O gets invited?  

no doubt the lib press will feed the 'tards that news to push the meme the Trump is not a real President, but Obama was.  

and obviously from day one (and the affirmative action Nobel Prize) Obama was the frontman for the Globalist agenda.  

but I felt the same about William/Kate at the time.  Why are they filling my news with this shit anyway?  I"m an American, I don't give a rat's ass about these people.    

And what a commentary all this is, the Brit Public says FU to the EU at the same time the BRIT ROYALTY is out hawking Globalism.    Seems like it's time for someone from Manchester or Liverpool to sneak into Big Ben or wherever these bastards live and pull out a sword, whack the head out of that old lady and put that crown on his head and declare himself the new king.

I don't care if she's black, American, divorced or whatever.  Yeah, I felt the same as you regarding Will/Kate & don't care.  I really don't get why so many fall head over heels for the monarchy.  It doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't meddle in my nation and it kind of is now with the push towards globalism.

I don't doubt that Harry was performing his globalist agenda-driven duty by interviewing Obama.  In the interview Obama made some veiled and snide comments about our POTUS.  Just fed up with all these globalists and other nations constantly attacking our POTUS.  Also, I've always assumed that British royalty was supposed to keep quiet about their politics - but I guess Trump is the exception - seems he's fair game for everyone to attack.

Trump is an economic nationalist, who is openly opposed to the Globalist trade schemes. Of course they are going after him. They plan on filling Europe and the USA with millions of third world people in the next twenty years, destroying the fabric of 'National Identity' in order to build a New World Order
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Prince Harry reveals Meghan Markle will take on Commonwealth role

Meghan Markle is to join her future husband in his work as youth ambassador to the Commonwealth

and there it is...he 'loves' her so much that they already have laid out the position they envision her filling: convincing British White Youth that all these non-British non-white children from the 'Commonwealth' belong in your country now, so get used to it.


The Blue Dude feels vindication.
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Harry is not the son of Charles. He's not related to the queen, so no one cares about who he marries or his offspring. In fact, he looks a lot like a guy reputed to have had an affair with Diana. She was pissed off about Charles running around with Camilla. That whole family is fucked up.
Get over it or die mad.  
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(04-16-2018, 09:33 AM)OldWhiteGuy Wrote: Harry is not the son of Charles.  He's not related to the queen,  so no one cares about who he marries or his offspring.  In fact, he looks a lot like a guy reputed to have had an affair with Diana.  She was pissed off about Charles running around with Camilla.  That whole family is fucked up.

I know that's the rumor. But go look at Harry now. He totally looks like Phillip and Charles.
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[Image: harryandjameshewitt-9ae1d26a-b340-454a-a...5cfe82.jpg]

James Hewitt denies he's Harry's father. Maybe he isn't?
Get over it or die mad.  
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(04-16-2018, 09:29 AM)Arkansas_Ted Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 12:04 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote: So now, I go to MSN, because I use hotmail.  And everyday they are pushing this Prince guy marrying this chick, and I just have been ignoring it, but it is growing and growing and that whole website is filled with links and photos and mentions of this story.    So for the first time I thought about it, and it dawned on me.

They are pushing this as some great love story, just like they did with the bullshit about this guy's mom.  She married this Prince Charles and apparently they didn't even like each other.  She had the lineage to produce a Royal baby that could be king some day, and that is Harry's brother.  

So Harry is the Odd Guy out...a Prince, but now that William has a little boy,  they got Kings set up for the future.   So, Harry's offspring become cousins to the King, but that is it.   Now here we are, with the biggest Globalist clan we know of, the Brits Royalty, at the exact moment in history when the Globalist colonization of Northern Europe is underway, with millions of blacks being forcibly moved into the European Union to change these countries into pan-cultural zones that can disappear into history as the Globalist European Zone emerges.   What better way to legitimize the influx of blacks then to have the brother of the King of England mate with one of them?  

Let's face it, Harry has a nice history of banging some pretty sweet cherry.  And all of a sudden, he winds up with a mediocre looking chick [by his standards] who is like 5 years older than him.   And she, unlike the Queen to be, is a commoner, not a person of royal lineage.    So let's face reality....they want to throw some Negro Strain DNA into the British Royal family, so it normalizes and legitimizes the move here to turn the average 'Brit' into a crossbreed.  

After this Meghan chick pops out two little quadroons for the royalty, Harry is back to banging chicks, with a show marriage just like his mom's.   The British Royalty can tell the commoners that these darkies are now your fellow citizens, so accept it.   And the great Globalist New World Order moves on crushing freedom and decency while these degenerates rule the world.

I ain't buying this shit.

Wow, this has been heavy on your mind. I think it is simpler than that. It just doesn't matter anymore.

I do agree with concerning the Mulotto thing. Why play around, go full black like I did.


Everything the British Royal Globalist New World Order Crime Syndicate does matters. They are not marrying each other for love. Prince Charles / Dianna proved that. They are symbolic people and their public persona and relationships are symbolic in nature; so....yes, unraveling the symbology is heavy on my mind, because it's a form of mind control and I am trying to woke you and save mankind's future. It's not easy.
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(04-16-2018, 12:15 PM)OldWhiteGuy Wrote: [Image: harryandjameshewitt-9ae1d26a-b340-454a-a...5cfe82.jpg]

James Hewitt denies he's Harry's father.  Maybe he isn't?

[Image: gallery-1477671517-index-prince-philip-prince-harry.jpg][Image: Similarities-between-Prince-Harry-Prince...944830.jpg]
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(03-24-2018, 01:14 PM)Munchaab Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 01:10 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 12:57 PM)Guest Wrote: Just to nitpick on a couple of minor details. England has already had its influx of blacks and migrants from the Commonwealth nations at the end of WW2 which assisted in rebuilding the nation. And 'Queen-to-be' Kate Middleton is also a commoner.

Fair enough.  I don't follow it enough to know that William married a commoner.  I thought she and her sister had some connection to it all.   (brings up another question...didn't the one guy have to quit the club when he wanted to marry Wallace Simpson?  I guess they rewrote the rule book?  I'll have to research it...like I said..not a big follower of this).    

And I know that since the 1950's their have been blacks migrating to England from parts of the UK, but if you understand the plan for the next 20 years,  it's off the charts.   For example, between now and 2040, they are going to demographically alter Ireland.   Their are 5 million Irish.  They are going to bring in over 1 million Africans.   The plan is that in every town in every part of Ireland, they are going to make it 20% African.  If you live in a village with 300 people, you will get 75 blacks, etc.    They have already begun this program.


The difference is Harry will NEVER be king - so it matters little...

I'm so glad you brought this up!

Are you aware of a little piece of conspiracy called "The curse of Rasputin"?

Once upon a time... there was a mad monk named Rasputin who basically ruled over the last Imperial Family of Russia because he could bring relief to their only son, Alexis, everytime the poor boy fell ill. Towards the end of his life, the monk predicted that the time of his death by murder was drawing nigh. So he wrote to the Tzar that should this murder be at the hands of the commoners, then "may your Majesty rule forever!"

BUT, if the monk were to be rubbed out by other Romanovs, then NONE of the family was safe! And any throne that any one of them or their descendants happened to sit upon to rule would be DOOMED! And that the royal house of who ever would FALL!

Other Romanovs, sick of the monk's shittery, indeed murdered the man. And soon, the House of Romanov did fall and the Russian Romanovs were tossed to the four corners of the globe. And one of them produced a blonde little boy named Phillip who in turn married a dark haired girl called Elizabeth who in turn became the Queen of England.

Phillip was never King of course but his son, Charles could be. If Charles gets put back then William is up. Harry may very well NOT be of the linage.
Some have predicted that the House of Windsor will indeed fall leaving the decidedly NON Romanov related but very royal blooded Harry in the shadow of the throne.

Makes for great conspiracy tales anyway.
This is not a game.
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