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Pre-Spawn Crappie!
(Yesterday, 03:26 AM)Pure Rock fury Wrote: @Winter Steelheader
Cool deal.  Like Frigg said, we kind use "perch" as a catch-all for most species sun fish (bluegill, green sunfish, warmouth, pumpkin seed, red ear sunfish, etc), as we don't have any true perch this far south.  Or at least I don't know of any place in MO/KS/OK.
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Wow, I had no idea you guys didn't have yellow Perch out that way. They are delicious! I just googled the Yellow Perch distribution map

[Image: eW0yrE7.jpg]
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The map shows my part of the state, but I have never caught one in the many (many) years I have fished here. Hmmmm. Ah, did some checking and yeah, they are more common I the northern part of MO.
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