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Poking the Bear
Putin agreed not to disclose the plan ... but a few days later Bloomberg reports about it. Lol.
Most commentators view it as a targeted leak.

Quote:On July 18th, a number of reports flooded Russian media claiming that one of Putin’s proposals to Trump at their July 16th Helsinki meeting was to organize a new, internationally-monitored independence referendum in Donbass.

Widely advertised as Putin’s new plan to “resolve the conflict in East Ukraine”, Russian media have unanimously cited a Bloomberg article as the source of this news. The Bloomberg article itself’s sources are two unnamed attendees of Putin’s post-Helsinki meeting with Russian diplomats. One of Bloomberg’s alleged sources also claimed that Putin offered Trump “time to think the proposal over”, and in turn Trump asked Putin not to publicly air the idea.


Quote:Vladimir Putin told Russian diplomats that he made a proposal to Donald Trump at their summit this week to hold a referendum to help resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, but agreed not to disclose the plan publicly so the U.S. president could consider it, according to two people who attended Putin’s closed-door speech on Thursday.

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(07-19-2018, 10:34 AM)Jostler Wrote: Just a few more days and there will be nothing left in southwestern Syria but ISIS.  

... nothing left but ISIS and the White Helmets.

Quote:Hundreds of White Helmet search and rescue volunteers and their families have been rescued from Syria via Israel in a secret overnight operation backed by the UK.

The group will be resettled in Canada and Germany, and the UK after diplomatic efforts to secure safe passage for the group, who were stranded in the volatile Golan Heights region on the border with Israel.


Quote:With opposition-held territory dwindling by the day, the group had gathered in the shadow of Israel’s border fence, where hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians have sought safety from airstrikes.

The Israeli military, which facilitated the group’s passage from the border area outside the Golan Heights into Israel, called the transfer of the group “an exceptional humanitarian effort.”

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