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(9 hours ago)Elric Wrote:
(10 hours ago)Winter Steelheader Wrote:
(10 hours ago)Alian Wrote: No, and not even curious.

well, @Bubbles  will be angry  Chuckle

@Bubbles angry?  Disappointed maybe but rarely angry.   Chuckle

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(8 hours ago)Alian Wrote:
(10 hours ago)Alian Wrote: .

The fruit

of the tree

of null edge

The surest way

through a wormhole

Is inside of a Klein bottle.

If you thought that was hard.

You never tried getting out alone.

For Inanna.



Critique? Scratchinghead ah ok then; you're trying too hard. Yeah3
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Gawd I've met some soldiers in my life,
real soldiers, real veterans.
They usually turn up when life is tough.

Two young soldiers lived at mine,
while they were leaving their jobs
it was time. Their 7 years was up.

Two brave young men that saved
our lives when a man with a knife
got into our home.

Action men they were, brave and
courageous as they come.
My son and I were in the bedroom,
having an afternoon lay down.

All I could hear was banging and crashing
and the guys shouting, as they rescued
a guy that had a knife at his neck.

Poor guy he'd only gone to the corner
shop to get a pint of milk.
A man came out of the pub with a
knife at his neck and that's how he
managed to get into my big house.

The poor guy didn't have any cash,
and the veterans could hear the noise,
they went right down to the kitchen,
to get some kitchen knives to defend themselves as
they went on to the attack.

They chased him out of the house and down the street,
while I phoned the police.

The police were chasing that man all over town,
he was still holding a knife.

Those veterans deserve an award,
an honour, I'm so pleased they
chose to live with me.

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