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Planning a trip next month, give me your thoughts.
Don't mind meld with me. I have a COLD.

“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.” -- G-man, Half-Life 2.
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(02-13-2019, 05:48 PM)Catch Wrote: It's in here somewhere lol:


I'm searching for it between phone calls. The failed trip took place 2-3 years ago.

Another cool story I'll look for also involved 4 kids right out of high school. They decided they wanted to take one last adventure before 'adulthood' lol. But, it was actually a really cool story and they documented it very well. Basically, 3 guys sold everything they owned and bought 3 old motorcycles. They patched 'em up best they could, bought a cheap cell phone and a used laptop. They were going to travel around America until the bikes broke or they ran out of money. A neighbor girl decided to join them last minute.

It was cool as the community got involved and various forum members put them up for a couple nights, fed them, helped them fix broken bikes, etc. Other times, they would camp in farmer's fields or forested areas along the road. I'll search for that link also.

Thanks, Catch. I'll dig through, too. Bookmarked cause I have to go do stuff.
There are more than a few stories like this. There was a young girl (16, I think- Australian) at the same time as the ATA Tour, that was attempting a solo sail around the world, on a smaller sailboat. (What were her parents THINKIN?) I think she ran into trouble around Africa (I could be wrong) and had to be helicoptered out.

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