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Plan to split California into 3 states on Nov ballot (merged)
(06-13-2018, 09:12 PM)blind prophet Wrote: Water dependency of the southern part of the state is indeed a problem. I'll grant you that.

I do also think the West Coast is different overall than the rest of the country as well. Oregon and Washington each independently unique as well.

i felt a pretty sharp quality in the tone of my response and i had to sit with that for a bit to understand where my jimmies are rustled around this.

ultimately it's not personal toward you....

the bigger thing this brings up for me, in terms of what is actually being discussed/argued herein, is the essence of entitlement. in the bigger view of things i don't see '1st world entitlement' as california specific at all....i just think many californians have gone full retard in terms of that entitlement on every level personal and public. it began with the gold rush and the massacre of first nation peoples here in gold country along the yuba river....not far from you at all... and it continues like a massive cultural yeast infection fueled by the cult of personality/ego.

my opinions of course....but i feel the 'difference' is manufactured. i call it kardashianization...
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(06-13-2018, 09:04 PM)blind prophet Wrote: Yeah sure, see a whole lot of red states on places like California's teet

[Image: FedAidtoStates-01.png]

So why don't you guys walk the walk and give back some of the federal loot?

Our taxes inside the state are not of your concern.

Why do I have to repeat myself?

Why does Cali. pay more in taxes then it receives?

Because of a concept called 'Progressive Income tax rates'. Who votes for these progressive rates? Liberal states like California. You are bitching about the outcome of the policies that your state prefers.

Why do dollars flow to what you are labeling as 'Red States'. Because those states (Louisiana, Alabama, Miss., Tenn, New Mexico, Az) are the states with the highest percentage of Blacks or Hispanics. Who votes for giant massive Federal Welfare for poor downtrodden discriminated against black and hispanic people? Liberal states like California. Again, you are bitching about the outcome of the policies your state prefers.

You're the one that needs to walk the walk. The wealth redistribution functionality of a massive Federal Government is WHAT YOU VOTED FOR, NOT ME. Quit yer bitchin'
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So we all agree the gov is corrupt as fuck. Yet some believe that we actually vote for this shit in CA? OR maybe its been rigged and corrupt as hell?
"Here they defended themselves to the last, those who still had swords using them, and the others resisting with their hands and teeth."Herodotus VII, 225
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Maybe, they'll all succeed from the Union. Join Mexico.
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(06-13-2018, 03:56 PM)Copernica Wrote: Just thought I'd mention that statehood can only be granted by an agreement of the affected state's legislature and Congress.    

In order for California to do this, they'd have to get their legislature to agree to it, then they'd have to set up 3 new legislatures, all 3 would have to agree to become states.  Then they'd have to petition Congress to grant them each statehood.  Which would not be guaranteed.

In the meanwhile, it would be called secession and we have laws about that too.  But on the off chance it's granted - California would instantly stop receiving any federal monies.  The military would be removed, as well as all federal agencies.  California would be completely on their own for funding, military protection and they wouldn't even be able to have passports, since they'd no longer be part of the USA nor would they be their own country.  They won't even be able to fly until they set up their own version of the FAA. So they'd be trapped for years until all the details were worked out.  

The USA could put a ban on all travel to the area and not recognize anyone traveling from the area.  No deliveries in or out.   They'd have to go thru the UN to work out trade agreements with other nations.  

And I could go on.  But you get the picture.  The people pushing this idea - haven't thought it through at all.

Yes! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ T H I S ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Learn Constitution.
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