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People owned Assets
This is the peaceful path to freedom.

Once a person suggested if we were all serious about taking down those who ruled over us and controlled us why did we continue to buy their products and use their services which was making them so powerful in the first place.

It was a very good point. The next part had not become obvious until 2 yeas ago.

In NZ our government decided to sell public parts to private persons who would them lock them up to the public. Most of these people were wealthy foreigners. One group decided to sell a beach they had purchased. It was feared it would end up again in foreign hands, so people decided to crowdfund for it’s purchase so it would be owned by all NZ’ers and not ever be able to be sold again.

The Penny dropped.

If we could buy a beach together for a couple of bucks each why not buy a petrol company, a Bank, an insurance company, several hospitals and an electricity provider. ie they domestic utilities we all use.

In doing so you would stop them from being profit making business and would only charge slightly above cost.

Your cost of living would drop which means you would have more money to spend.

The other side is your government starts to become irrelevant because they don’t provide anything you needed any more. That is when you argue they don’t provide so the people no longer pay taxes because they are not providing. The Taxpayers enter into a dispute which means the govt cannot legally collect tax while the dispute has not been resolved then you screw them by stalling the case so long they govt goes under.

Easy win and within the norms of US law as many cases are won just like that, by bankrupting one of the parties so the case never makes the court.

NZ only has 2.2 million wage earners. $10 a week out of their wages over a year $520*2.2 million. That is enough to wage economic war against the powers they rule us in NZ. We take their business by providing our own and buy their assets for rock bottom prices when they go under. Standard business practice. We see it done like this all over the world.

Now it is our turn.

If you show people they will have an easier life or more money they will do as you propose I find.
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Cresit union philosophy. We own it together, and pass lower interest rates, better div's, back to ourselves, the owners.
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(08-09-2018, 08:17 PM)PickleSnout Wrote: Cresit union philosophy. We own it together, and pass lower interest rates, better div's, back to ourselves, the owners.

We have credit Union in NZ as an extension of the US version. In NZ we also have the same thing called a building society where you are working up to purchasing a house and all the members use their savings to act as a bank to each other sort of hing to build a house or purchase one. They also act as banks in all other respects.

The cost of living is how competitive you really are in the developed world. In NZ we could not afford the US styled system, we literally did not have enough money per person to sustain it. Instead we subsidized our own cost of living by owning all the national utilities.Sometimes we ran them below cost price because they employed thousands of people. The railways, the electricity company, the Phone Company, the Hospitals. All owned by the govt/people because no billionaire thought NZ was a worthy investment. Lucky us...until 1987.

After 1987 the Banks tried to foreclose on NZ (this is how US multinationals wage economic war on other nations with the full allowance of the the US govt). Our Freemason Leaders had been asked by Senior US Freemasons to rack up huge loans...which after 1987 could not be paid back. The projects when completed actually benefited US corporations over any NZ ones. Without NZ's largest Dam Rio Tinto's Comalco Aluminum refinery would not be able to exist. They get electricity below cost price as they are the biggest customer some how???

What happens next is how US Banking Multinational partnered with their industrialist ventures operate to gut nations and take them over from the outside in.
NZ was forced as part of the new loan deal to sell all it's state owned assets...which got bought by NY investment bankers and their NZ partners. Great way to screw a nation, because they take over and sell all the good stuff and jack up the prices which kills your cost of living ratio.

Agriculture in NZ is dominated by Dow Chemical and Monsanto. They had the NZ leader murdered who was going to break up their monopolies. It was classic jelly fish toxin handshake resulting in a heart attack. It took three attempts because he was a huge guy. Because he was a huge guy the public bought the heart attack story. CIA killed him on behalf of US corporations who are also US defense sector contractors.

Being an ally of he USA is only slightly better than being an enemy it would seem. They tested chemical weapons on the population here as well. Lowest concentrations to see reactions, still 2 people died, and a lot of butterfies which was the cover story. Some nasty foreign butterfly was going to kill all our apples so they sprayed NZ's biggest city from the air several times, which doesn't have a lot of apple orchards. The PM of the day was rewarded with a job at the UN later.

Well the way to beat the nasty boys is to beat them at their own game by taking away all their business and customers. No company could run a utility cheaper than a people owned version.
That is where we will beat them, by out competing them.
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