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Paying Attention To Health Research Are You?
I think the only major warning would be that no one of active breeding age should take this. We do not know how it could effect offspring.

And of course people taking meds need to be closely monitored.
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If you dare, this will blow your mind, and keep you researching a new way of healing for a long time.  I posted how I cured my life long genetic incurable AS and a lot more with molecule, nootropics and peptides on page 6 and 7 of this thread.

I would like to make a correction. Molecule, not nano particle.
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(01-17-2019, 10:34 AM)Guest Wrote: This is for the long time friends and hard working good people that have also suffered with me over the many years, as we searched for healing and pain relief.

I was so excited to find this article yesterday that confirms all I have been saying, summed up in one link.  Add the other ingredients and what a miracle. If anything this article is an understatement.


Warning..... If you are a bad person that has robbed and abused widows and orphans and others, lied, stolen, cheated and all that bad stuff, this will have the opposite effect on you. You will shrivel up in pain and turn into a broke homeless ugly troll. LOL
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