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Our Hot legacy
Of particular interest, is the long term legacy, of spent nuclear waste.

In this thread, I (we?) will attempt to explore, over time, different approaches to transforming and stablizing...

of these horribly    toxic    and    life threatening...




The Roy process

t was the TMI partial meltdown that moved Dr. Roy to spend the summer school break proving calculations to see if it was possible to transmute high level nuclear waste cost effectively. He found it could be done with existing infrastructure, commercially available machinery and current supporting technology. Estimated cost to build a pilot facility was $80 million dollars. A newspaper editor persuaded Dr. Roy to release his Roy Process to the press which was published in November of 1979. (see article on web site below). 

Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/tr...aste.5552/

Dennis F. Nester comments...DENNIS F. NESTER on JUNE 13, 2012 2:15 PM

Thank you all for doing this show. To be clear, the Roy Process IS NOT ‘reprocessing’ nuclear waste, which will create more nuclear waste to leak out, pollute the environment, and another money pit which they ‘know or should have known’ will not work!
The Roy Process will reduce plutonium239, the element needed for atom bombs, to non-radioactive lead,
produce electricity from the decay heat, and create many jobs worldwide. The aim of nuclear power is to chemically separate Pu239 from the ‘spent fuel’ at tax payers expense and create the BIG STICK of political might. The rest is PR to entrench radiation in the economy.

 The problem is, they WANT nuclear waste, it fulfills many agendas.

here are some tubeyous related to this problem,


To All,

The late Dr. Roy foresaw the MOX or 'reprocessing' problem
when the Three Mile Island partial meltdown occured. He then
developed photon transmutation, The Roy Process. But since
there is far more money in not solving problems, it was killed
by the government. It is still available to a company capable of realization who contracts with us.


Dennis F. Nester
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Good stuff, jack Cheers
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Good stuff there Jack. New info for me and very interesting. Keep it coming.
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(07-13-2016, 11:05 AM)Angry Red Man Wrote: Good stuff there Jack. New info for me and very interesting. Keep it coming.

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We shall be the hottest group on the Net!!!... Oh..

had to read the article..


Copy that..!

Damn where's my pencil?

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Nuclear Physics: What is the best known way to neutralize radiation?

[Image: main-thumb-2300052-50-4OiOt6ZqK0TIg0bSSI...nPl3x.jpeg]

Keith C., Skateboarder

Distance and shielding.
Distance because alpha particles can only travel a few cm in air; beta particles several hundred cm in air; gamma radiation falls off with distance from the source in accordance with the inverse square law.
Shielding: a sheet of paper for alpha particles, a couple of mm of aluminium for beta particles, several centimeters of lead for gamma rays, neutron radiation by substances containing hydrogen (two metres of water will stop all but the most energetic neutrons).
Time will 'neutralize' radiation through radioactive decay (this is the notion behind storing high level nuclear waste until it is more readily manageable).
Artificial nuclear transmutation can be performed in nuclear reactors, particle accelerators and tokamaks; the aim is to convert actinides into short lived radioactive fission products. For waste management  transmutation eliminates a (very) long-term radioactive hazard and replaces it with a much shorter-term one.

Thanks Keith! 

Shielding is one component.

Accelerated and Controlled degradation, now that's another!

We are getting there! 

Saving the world ,one atom at a time!

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The S.P.I.N. programme

pdf here; 


Basically... this very tecnical pdf, comprised by several countries, seems to conclude that (P-T) 'Partitioning and Transmutation' of long lived waste nuclides 

 was not economically feasible in 1992.

I'll keep digging!


coming soon; 

Collaboration of the Dutch research program for radioactive waste disposal (OPERA) and TU Delft
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