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Orange County, CA fire
(10-10-2017, 03:04 AM)Aquarius Wrote:
(10-09-2017, 09:16 PM)~mc~ Wrote: stay safe @shakeyflyface

I can smell the smoke here in Brentwood.

You need to go home, ~mc~ !!!  Heartflowers

I am, tomorrow.

its not affecting me where I am though :)
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These Fires are being set by Terrorists and are an act of terror....

The state of California should be sued...an class action lawsuit against Jerry Brown...

They are creating and wasting money on the creation of a sanctuary state...

the whole thing should not be happening so near cities...

this is a failure of the public amenities which the tax payers are paying for...

instead of wasting money on the stupid immigrants ...you get this and shitty schools and the multitude of other things the money should be spent on....

Get rid of Brown and find a conservative or Cali is doomed...


I will class action the US government and hold every dime from them...

in the 8os I lived in both these areas...Fairfax...SF...Laguna beach...Lido island.... Costa mesa....and didn't see a single fire near a city in 10 years....except the Oakland hills fire....which I think was arson and the blacks burning the rich peoples houses...
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Don't really care for the smoke smell after a summer of British Columbia fires.

It has been a bad year for fires everywhere, I'd have to say all this fire business started happening last summer. It is because I feel that it has been too dry, not enough rain.
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One of the people I follow on Instagram had 3 employees lose everything.


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That sucks, Jenkins. Rohnert Park is up in the Bay Area/Central-Northern California, so those fires are larger, from what I understand.

Yeah, Titanic, you guys have been dealing with those fires all throughout the summer, haven't you.  I guess they're all over the place, now!

Here's the 'latest' from our area.  I'm sure it could be worse...Northern Cali not doing so 'hot'....  

[Image: la-me-anaheim-hills-fire-pictures.jpg]
24 structures lost and 7,500 acres burned in Orange County firestorm, but slow progress reported
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(10-10-2017, 05:49 PM)Jenkins! Wrote: One of the people I follow on Instagram had 3 employees lose everything.



that is very sad :(

I'm glad all the fringers are safe!
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[Image: Wildfire-Stunning-Public-Domain-460x284.jpg]
hell on earth
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(10-11-2017, 09:42 PM)rube Wrote: [Image: Wildfire-Stunning-Public-Domain-460x284.jpg]
hell on earth

Is that a recent California fire pic, rube?  Scream1
That reminds me of the upcoming Only the Brave trailer...

Canyon Fire 2: Firefighters make progress, expect full containment by Saturday
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drove from Brentwood to Oakland today to catch a flight.. it was very Smokey (terrible visibility ) and smelled of campfire BAD!
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In A Cashless World, You'd Better Pray The Power Never Goes Out

I don't know how much of an issue it is in the California fires, but during the BC fires credit and debit cards didn't work and many people had no way to buy fuel to leave, most gas stations closed or empty. It's such a damn good idea to keep some cash on hand. Look at Puerto Rico. The hurricane decimated the island, and people have had no access to their accounts.

Being evacuated from your home is distressing. We had the bad luck to be evacuated twice in a day. Got chased out of our house by the army then chased out again from where we went to. Drove all night and caught an hour's sleep in a parking lot. Couldn't get a hotel room because of the dogs, were barely allowed to let them out of the vehicles to pee, a cranky camp ground attendant scowling while we walked the dogs. Three large dogs. You feel like a vagabond, a burden to others. A beggar. No where to go, animals are stressed, you don't know when you can go home or if you even have a home left standing to go to. No work for months, no income, but bills still have to be paid. We did end up at a friend's farm and actually had it good compared to others who had no money, no vehicle, nothing but a cot in a school gym. I bless my foresight keeping cash in the house, jerry cans of fuel and a bug out bag. Don't ever ever underestimate the importance of having a plan in place. No matter the emergency, be ready.
When life knocks you flat on your face roll over and look at the stars.
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