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Okay..one last wafer. Georgia Tech students are being encouraged to carry guns...legally of course
The crime is so bad at Georgia Tech that the school is now encouraging students to get registered to carry and are holding classes there to teach how to properly and safely carry and use a gun.

I just saw this on local news and cant find a story online yet that is about this exactly.

I did find this..but the news, just now, pretty much said it was a done deal and the school and campus police were moving forward with encouraging students to arm themselves.

Its such a liberal cesspool as it is, I cant imagine.
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It might be a lib cesspit, but it's a GEORGIA cesspit. Chuckle
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This is the most recent I can find, but its not as current as what was just aired.

The news was pretty much telling it was well past students exercising right to carry and is now being seriously promoted..TO DETER CRIME in that area.
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I think we should make them enforce their "strongly held beliefs".

Hell, let the leftists kill each other, either way, popcorn tastes good while watching or even listening to the news.
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Wow. Does anyone know of any other Universities in the world where the students arrived armed.
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Concealed carry at colleges in Georgia has been legal for nearly a year.

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National Map:

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I  meant Universities in other countries. Are America leading the world here?
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(02-12-2018, 08:13 PM)liz Wrote: Wow. Does anyone know of any other Universities in the world where the students arrived armed.

Other places in the world are irrelevant.

In the u.s, as a FEDERAL LAW, as per the Constitution, students 18 or older should have never been barred their human right to self defense.
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@Dire-effects - I think that view is very narrow There are more issue at stake here than constitutional issues.
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