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Okay Google, what's the worst possible name for our voluntary home surveillance product?
Biuy one and put it in spare room next to a tv. keep it on 24/7 .
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(11-13-2017, 03:27 PM)Guest Wrote: Biuy one and put it in  spare room next to a tv. keep it on 24/7 .

On Jerry Springer or worse..
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As much as I'm against "smart" anything, and as long as I have done without a TV. Guess what Attila the honey did.
She bought a 4K Smart TV.

The lawyer is drawing up the divorce papers as we speak. Chuckle

Like I said, we are our own worst enemy.
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They should've named it the G spot . V6sRZf4

" I have no rules to tie me down "

Leonard Snart

“ less feelings, more beer”

Mick Rory

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