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Ocasio-Cortez: Think Of All The Funeral Expenses We’ll Save Under Medicare For All!
Yeah, with people waiting a year or more for needed medical procedures they’ll die laughing. She’s got Cuomo getting that “Tucker Carlson stare.”

This is the URL string for the video.

Yes, Ocasio is VERY SSShwwwo!
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Fuck socialism
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(08-09-2018, 04:21 PM)unclelunatic Wrote: Fuck socialism

She's a moron and I have no idea why she's even all over the news.
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She makes Sarah Palin look like a brainiac! Jptdknpa
"My Mind, a Field of Battles, Struggles for Peace in a Tight Place."
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This woman is on serious crack.

My pockets are empty because I am taxed to death.

I home schooled my daughters, and still paid for public schools so other children could attend.

Medicare for all? We pay for it and it's broken, so how is she planning on paying for it if EVERYONE not elderly or disabled suddenly can use it?

We already have Medicaid for poor people.

I noticed she danced around the questions with a canned emotional response.

Dear Winter,
I am breaking up with you.
I think it is time I start seeing other seasons.

p.s. Summer is hotter than you
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Horse-toothed jackass.

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(08-09-2018, 09:36 PM)kal Wrote: Horse-toothed jackass.  


Be nice!

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(08-10-2018, 12:32 AM)Guest Wrote:
(08-09-2018, 09:36 PM)kal Wrote: Horse-toothed jackass.  


Be nice!


Lmao Troll2
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