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Obama artist paints black women holding severed white heads
(02-13-2018, 04:32 PM)Aquarius Wrote: I thought these silly pictures were a joke,
so I googled official portraits of BO and MO, and realized they are the real official portraits!

Scream1   Scream1

Me too!
I thought it was joke but nope...

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Well, so much for race-baiting, if that was the intent. Turn out the "artist" outsources his work to ... China!

And he's not a big fan of women either... here's a quote:

Quote:“Women have always been decorative,” Wiley says, gesturing at the portraits around him. ‘They’ve never been actors or possessed real agency.”

Read it and giggle or weep (your choice) http://nymag.com/arts/art/rules/kehinde-wiley-2012-4/
MALA - Make America Laugh Again
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I think what they did to Michael makes this NSFW. Scream1
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(02-13-2018, 11:10 AM)Skyrison Wrote: [Image: bob_ross_paint_obama.png]

[Image: obama_legacy_bushes.png]

[Image: homer_into_bushes_sees_obama.png]

[Image: spicer_obama.png]
Lmao  Lmao

It's like they are ASKING FOR THIS and WANTED IT to be memed!!!  Jptdknpa  Jptdknpa  Jptdknpa

Why doesn't Obama go away and leaf us alone . Chuckle

" I have no rules to tie me down "

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(02-13-2018, 12:37 PM)Weasel Keeper Wrote: [Image: MICHELLE-OBAMA-PORTRAIT-003-01-800x416.jpg]

Adams apple? Nuhhuh.
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About right....
[Image: 4_EEA8_CE0-4585-4_C7_D-_B2_E8-_DC59_AF52_B134.jpg]

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(02-15-2018, 02:22 AM)CatBird Wrote: About right....
[Image: 4_EEA8_CE0-4585-4_C7_D-_B2_E8-_DC59_AF52_B134.jpg]

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Cranach’s Obsession with Severed Heads
Renaissance Art is very common!
But that part about SEMEN Mixed in the paint! Mask
[Image: 4924DE3800000578-5387637-image-m-93_1518552712573.jpg][Image: 492F050300000578-5387637-Twitter_users_q...239221.jpg]
[Image: YBn2EKl.gif]honest.abe@gmx.us
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