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Nsfw,Mild Gore but all truth.
I wanted to do this thread over there but D wouldn't let me because of the Header on the site and there views on  and Jews.

***I do not support all there views!***

Best Gore posts many videos and pics that are mild to heavily gory but,they show the cold hard truths that the media will not show you.

Don't click the links if you are offended by real life Gore.

*You have been Warned*

Shot Palestine Youth Hasan Manasra carried knife.


Vid in Link.

Israeli Soldiers Plant Knife On Murdered Teen.

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I won't click the link because I've seen enough gore in my life already but I will say that the Palestinians have every right to be upset with Israel (hell the world should be)and their continued occupation of land that doesn't belong to them..... and the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian men, women, and children that are often only armed with rocks.

Arafat tried to obtain peace!
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CCTV Captures Deputies Beating Inmate To Death In Chatham County (Georgia) Jail.


The video below was filmed by an aware citizen, who understands how important in is to film something if you see something, so when he observed police brutality on a fellow citizen, he pulled out his cell phone camera to document it. Then when a citizen killer got in his face to intimidate him so his buddies can get away with the abuse, the citizen complied with all the bully’s unlawful orders, yet still the bully assaulted, and arrested him. The bully also attempted to destroy the video evidence by smashing the cellphone on the ground, but the gadget survived.

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