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Not that unusual?

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Tulsa, the location of both Oral Roberts University and Rhema, is illuminaughty controlled?

But all the connections are strange bedfellows across the supposed separation of church and state.

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From JFK to 9/11 Everything is a rich man's trick.

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[i] Rev. E.V. Hill/i]

Reverend "Evil".

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(02-01-2019, 10:54 AM)Mmmkay_Ultra Wrote: [i] Rev. E.V. Hill/i]

Reverend "Evil".


The 'H' is silent...

soros Drevil

Creflo $Dollar? Creflo Bank Account?
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Oral Roberts was a major influence to city leaders up until the time of the building of the City of Faith, in which, the city fathers tried to tell him that the city couldn't support another hospital and the streets were insufficient surrounding the campus. There was even a Supreme Court case just on this. The attorney from the State of Oklahoma, had his doubts about the whole faith healing gospel. The attorney's complaint was that there were not enough nurses and doctors to be able to fill the hospital at the City of Faith. But guess what issue (ironically) this got into? THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

Now isn't that interesting. Because it seems that city leaders support both Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagins' operations. And CIA/FBI/war mongers seemed to put their support behind these people who were already crackpots with a following. They said, that the tent revivals would help people overcome the ravages of war (but diminished the importance of the gospel). There were also people in the ranks of the charismatic movement like Reinhard Bonnke, who themselves couldn't get over the ravages of war. They perpetrated the same charismatic evil that the axis powers of Europe, with Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler all envisioned. These axis powers were all in place at the same time to bring about one world goverment. And how Hitler was being operated by the Catholic Church in order to take back the world.


In the fact that the state was interfering with the affairs of the church, would be that they would be violating the 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion, and that the state is not allowed to establish a state religion. At the same time, the government started to decide that it could make a decision without the consent of the governed, and that they could willy nilly vote themselves a pay raise at the expense of the taxpayers. Tax revenues are the highest, and yet the government can't afford to fix streets or keep the lights on.

Also, the Ordinance in the city where the Rhema headquarters resides, seems to be that city leaders can show contempt or favortism towards people with money. This is not the way our Founding Fathers wanted it, as they studied human nature. They wanted the consent of the people to be the deciding factor, not powerful blood money. But the Ordinance that Rhema caused, seems to parallel the contempt that Oral Roberts had for building the hospital on his property in the direct vicinity and airspace of the nearby airport as a result of a still unexplained accident involving his next of kin. The Ordinance as per Rhema seems to suggest any activity that does not favor Rhema, ties back to the original fate of Kenneth Hagin or Oral Roberts with their medical condition, and everyone gets to take an all expenses not paid trip to the hospital.

Much like the people that Kenneth Hagin influenced, after putting the Ordinance firmly in the books, he went out and bought an expensive jet. As Joyce Meyer put it (and Nancy Pelosi too), it's nice not having to rub shoulders with you lower class people on a commercial flight.


I'm sure all of this money is going to help the poor...The charismatic operations get money all kinds of money, and tax exempt straight from Rome and no property tax! As long as you operate the way that the pope does, you get 501©(3) status. All the benefits none of us get.

Somebody who attended Rhema gives a peek at what it was really like to school there.


I wish that I had never heard of the place, and I wish that I had never heard of Kenneth Hagin. I was heavily involved in the Rhema culture and teachings for fourteen years. I feel like it was a total waste of my life and money. If it wasn’t for Romans 8:28 I would cry about it everyday.

Most of my friends and folks thought that I was crazy for getting involved with the Word of Faith, but I wouldn’t listen to any of them. I was obsessed with faith and wanted to be so full of faith that I could move mountains. I had several ministers warn me that the teaching at RHEMA were out of balanced and dangerous but I believed in Kenneth Hagin and his visions.

RHEMA was a very strange place to attend church and school. I always had to battle offense and the willie jillies. The place felt wrong on the inside. It was all about faith, submitting to authority, and money. We sang about money. There were faith emblems and faith flower beds and even a gigantic faith shield on the roof that you could see from miles away.

I had come from a background of having been through Marine boot camp at Parris Island, and I had also been through the Police Academy. RHEMA was just as strict. They had more rules than a prison camp.

As I look back on my fourteen years of living in that culture and atmosphere, and can now see where I was spiritually abused and manipulated. I can see that I spent fourteen years in legalism and fear. I was brainwashed with a different message than the one found in the Gospel. It was a terrible experience. I am still in the healing and restoration process. It will take a lot of time.

Why did the CEO of Hobby Lobby/Mardel book store bail out Oral Roberts University and make it solvent for the first time ever?


I think the original message if Oral Roberts could interpret it correctly, was not to build the City of Faith, as did the city fathers recommended, but instead, to close the Oral Roberts University down completely. That's the part his delusion missed. And since he missed it, the City of Faith went bankrupt only after 10 years and closed down the hospital. And then, Oral Roberts, started to fear for his own life, intensifying the fact that he had already lost his daughter (not to forget that Oral Roberts lost one of his sons after only 5 days of being born).
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Interesting that hints back at Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini themes have been placed in movies ever since.


Darth Vader is the sinister evil king and there's an emporer over him...and the storm troopers are the military

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While the Salem Witch Trials were a hot time in history, they accused young women of being possessed or playing with the occult. However, later research has shown that there was possibly a link to the behaviour as the result of living off the land. The linkage is that there was a diseased rye crop with ergot...

While charismatic leaders do what they accused young women of doing back in Salem, nobody blinks an eye with the masters coming out to play. Witchcraft is completely acceptable in modern times.


Going back to the beginning of last century, was the Azusa Street Revival, which is similar to the modern phenomenon of the Toronto Blessing Cursing.

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The gaslighting scheme...

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Anybody remember this twist on the flu?

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