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New Mexico observatory closed by FBI no explanation (Merged)
I just read on SQ that a nearby Post Office was also evacuated.
That muddies the waters.

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Now, again just speculating here, but with all that mercury (and said mercury being public knowledge) what if there was some plot to blow it up? Nah, the FBI wouldn't do that, would they?
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Something toxic mailed there?

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Only skimmed the info because I am narcoleptic but this sort of reminds me of the "red murcury" scare a couple years ago..or maybe less(time flies).

[Image: EKMZagI.png]

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Vatican Observatory hosting conference for meteorite care 57 minutes ago !! https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/09/10/v...rite-care/
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Note to amateur astronomers, get your scopes out!
If whatever it is happens in observable frequencies, that is. Dunno how many of us have infrared and ultraviolet vidcams to hook up.

Also, show called dark sun recently. Maybe they were preppin us...
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Seems important!
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I saw a post on the facebook where somebody local says the people he knew that worked there had said they were planning on moving the mercury to the APO and resuming ops there.
(Nothin' but the facts here Eyeroll facebook, ugh...)
If that's the case maybe the Feds went in to clear it out and do a onceover.

I know White Sands is close by (you know there's more than one telescope out there, right? Chuckle ). Maybe they are doing something like, I dunno, blowin' some shit up.
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Here's the post with the name removed:

Could be that they are just finally removing the 10 tons of Mercury that the Dunn Solar telescope sits on. They (people who work at the site) mentioned that was going to happen soon because operations were being moved over to the Apache Point Observatory, and...you can't just leave all of that mercury sitting there going to waste; especially at a current market cost of almost $600k.
Or, it could just be Aliens...

10 tons? Is that like, "BOYS! THERE"S 10 TONS OF TOYS ON THE FLOOR! GET IN HERE!"

I'm going with aliens now.
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That entire area is filled with the likes of Skin Walker Ranch, The Tall White's, Shape shifters of all kinds' and who knows what all else lurks about in the area. Bad Medicine is all around say the Native populations.
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