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need help...... looks like its KAIAH ....
she gets away with EVERYTHING .....

i am a grandfather.... ..... i use my great grandfather's photo and title out of respect...
if not for him, my family (and i) would not exist....i dont even know his name
i wish i knew him, i wonder if i am like him, i wonder if i will ever know
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(02-01-2018, 06:49 PM)great-grandfather Wrote: she gets away with EVERYTHING .....

Daughters, hey. Female dogs do like men, especially if you love them.

A friend had to move her female dog, when she split up with her partner, we tried giving her a male dog, no, that female dog had to be with a man.

The departed righteous dwell in a place of perpetual light, it's the only way that I can live a healthy life.  Heartflowers
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