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Nazi Antarctica_"disclosure" UFO Propulsion, 1947, More James Forrestal is More Cowbell!
(Yesterday, 08:06 PM)Treebeard Wrote: @Frigg Another Brand.Spanking.New Assassination of James Forrestal book and author.

I HIGHLY Recommend "Our Interesting Times" and have been listening for years.

David Martin joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his book The Assassination of James Forrestal. We talk about the intrigues that led to Forrestal's ouster from the Truman administration and his probable murder.

David is an independent researcher and author. His website is dcdave.com.



[Image: 460%3E_14575529.jpg]

I will check it out ...looks good.

I almost posted the Antarctica thread here but, I didn't want to presume and it was slightly off-topic.

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