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"My Pillow"
My Mom likes it....I sleep on a Pallet...
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(12-05-2017, 08:41 AM)Blue Wrote: [Image: fRrj8aa.jpg]

[Image: bd6sKa0.jpg]

That clearly is her pillow.

The My Pillow conforms to your head and neck like no other pillow ever made..
It's true!
I was skeptical but desperate. I had bought eleven different types over the last three years, including the down ones, and they all sucked. It must be an aging thing or recent crappy evolution in product thing...because I never had problems until about ten years ago when I realised all my pillows SUCKED suddenly.
Most would be like sleeping on a stack of folded jeans and the down ones eventually would squish down to nothing..and I was losing seriously needed rest.
So as corny as the name is and no matter how much Rush wants to poopoo My Pillow and make fun of it..its worth the try if you have sleep issues.
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[Image: ql0axGw.jpg]
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(12-05-2017, 01:29 PM)Domains Wrote: [Image: ql0axGw.jpg]

That is your pillow?
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(12-05-2017, 01:34 PM)Mmmkay Ultra Wrote:
(12-05-2017, 01:29 PM)Domains Wrote: [Image: ql0axGw.jpg]

That is your pillow?

More couchin the better pushin
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[Image: u4wMnMa.jpg]
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[Image: csYQVzC.gif]
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The universe is just a dream by a God that's asleep warm in her bed.
Just let that shit go
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Sleeping on a my pillow
Just let that shit go
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(12-05-2017, 04:31 AM)Mmmkay Ultra Wrote: About a year.
Be sure to understand the firmness levels. The website asks you a bunch of questions and selects your firmness level for you. I bought my first ones at Cosco and assumed I would like the medium level but it turned out to be too firm so I exchanged for the one the My Pillow website chose for me which was one level 'less firm'..."white lable".
There are 4 levels..
It's a little confusing.

That is very helpful input -- Thank you !!
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