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Multiple officers shot in Houston
As TFTP reported last week, one of the officers involved in the raid was suspended and the department refused to elaborate as to why. Now we know. This criminal cop, lied on the sworn affidavit that led to a raid in which two innocent people were murdered by Houston police officers.

“That’s totally unacceptable. I’ve told my police department that if you lie, you die,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Friday. “When you lie on an affidavit, that’s not sloppy police work, that’s a crime.”

As KHOU reports,

The case agent obtained a search warrant to conduct the no-knock raid on Jan. 28 after he swore a confidential informant bought heroin at the home the night before. He said the informant told him he saw a 9mm handgun and a large amount of heroin in the house.

Turns out, there never was a drug buy at the house or an informant who saw a large amount of heroin and weapons.

When detectives with HPD’s Special Investigations Unit interviewed the veteran case agent at the hospital, they asked for the name of his informant.

The officer wasn’t able to talk, but he wrote down the name of an informant he said bought the heroin. Investigators then interviewed that informant, who told them he wasn’t involved in a drug buy on Harding Street. He also said the case agent sometimes paid him for work he didn’t do, according to the affidavit.

Investigators interviewed the case agent again and said he wrote down a different informant’s name. That informant said he worked with the case agent on a buy on Jan. 25 but it was at a different house in the Third Ward, about five miles from Harding Street.

Both informants named, along with all other informants the case agent had worked with in the past, were shown photos of Tuttle and Nicholas and their home. None recognized the couple or the home, according to investigators.

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Houston police officer in botched drug raid had previous allegations against him

Even before the deadly drug raid that left two civilians dead, Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines had a troubling history of allegations against him.

The undercover case agent in the Jan. 28 Pecan Park raid had been involved in multiple shootings, racked up a smattering of written reprimands, faced several lawsuits and is currently accused of fabricating a drug deal then lying about it in court to win a conviction against a man who has long maintained he’s innocent, according to a Houston Chronicle review of internal police records and court documents.

Through it all, the longtime narcotics officer consistently racked up glowing reviews and praise from supervisors who called his work “impressive” and wrote that he set a “good example for new officers in the squad,” according to police records. Last month, as Goines lay in the hospital after the gun battle, Chief Art Acevedo praised his courage, describing the 54-year-old sergeant as “strong as an ox” and “tough as nails.”

But on Friday, Acevedo offered a very different narrative. Now, he said, the veteran officer — who’s still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck — could face criminal charges after investigators realized they couldn’t find the informant reportedly behind the undercover buy used to justify the no-knock warrant.

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