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Multiple officers shot in Houston
Just breaking

KTAR.com: Multiple police officers wounded during shooting in Houston - https://bit.ly/2MB5bUU. For the latest, listen to 92.3 FM, online or our app.
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Ugh. Helicopter transport is not a good sign. I hope they're OK. This is beginning to be an almost daily thing.
I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.
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SO sick of this shit.....

Obama's legacy.....HE made the cops irrelevant and disrespected.

Gives you everything you need to know for one reason WHY he needs to swing.
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This has to stop!

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Sounds like 5 wounded and 1 suspect dead
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Pinning for updates
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Fuckers. Obama and his staff need to brought up on accessory charges for every time this has happened.
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