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Millennials can now live in pods in their parents' yards

A former Rolls Royce engineer is trying to ‘conker’ the housing crisis bemoaned by millennials – by creating £21,000 pods inspired by the traditional British playground pastime. Chartered Engineer Jag Virdie, 50, claims to have found the perfect solution for the Boomerang Generation returning home after university with his conker-inspired design. The pods can be installed in the parents’ back garden in just one day and function as an independent living space for their kids as they look to jump on the housing ladder. The spherical structures, called Conkers, measure almost 13ft (3.9m) in diameter and are made entirely out of materials sourced in Britain.

source: https://www.msn.com/en-ie/news/video/con...vp-BBLfrJp

out of all possible shapes he chose a sphere.  Troll2
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Pod-Life!! Beotch!!
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Probably better than living in a condo as I do

At least I can take my parents food and toilet paper Chuckle On top of paying a much smaller monthly fee to live there.

Maybe these Millennial are onto something Scratchinghead
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He manipulates wood. A wood bender of sorts. But, more of a wood whisperer, I guess. If my memory is correct, you can use an amonia mix ratio to water to bend wood.
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(10-10-2018, 03:07 PM)T-Dub Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6U6_IC_GKQ

Lmao They came hidden in ginger root...

Think for yourself
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So, I will just assume that no one watches Tiny Homes/Big Living or RV Life, or any one of 25 other shows designed to program viewers into minimalist living?

21K BPS ($40K US) for that piece of shit is absurd though.

Sure, it looks nice, but honestly, you can buy a 200 sq ft shed for $2500 and finish the interior for another $5000 and make a primo living space. There are tons of people building Man Caves out of them.

Home Depot has a 12 x 12 Western Red Cedar Shed for $5800. or an 8x12 for $4400. That's a little over $10K for $240 sq feet with room for modular add ons. Pour some concrete footers, add some solar panels, insulate with foam, wire up the LED lights, and get a composting toilet.

$20 grand all in you live quite comfortably, as long as you have the property, and neighbors that mind their business.
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Wouldn't it be more sensible if our local governments created more affordable apartment complexes, or just lowered the damn price for rent, instead of forcing people into living like rats?


Which it is...

If it is true, we come back, I'd like to come back as a Love Bug...to spend a lifetime fluttering in the warm sun and mating in mid air...oh what a life that would be!
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(10-10-2018, 03:08 PM)CatBird Wrote: Well the basement is bigger....

I wish they would stop coming up with reasons for these kids to stay with mum n dad, it’s not normal nor healthy.

They have to come off the tit sometime...

[Image: nzGrMy9.gif]

Think for yourself
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