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Merck Will Give Young Mothers The Most Dangerous Vaccine Of All: Trial
The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently announced a collaboration with pharmaceutical behemoth vaccine producer Merck, to perform Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine trials on postpartum mothers between the ages of 16 and 26, immediately after having their children at the UAB hospital.

The researchers somehow believe not enough people are being vaccinated for HPV, and the desired outcome of the study is officially to get more young women vaccinated.

According to Vaccine Impact:

“”Merck and UAB want to test the vaccine on 16 to 26 year old postpartum mothers because “the immune response in young women is less robust than in adolescents,” and because “no studies have examined immunogenicity in postpartum women specifically.”

Therefore, 16 to 26 year old young mothers who have just given birth at the UAB hospital will become test subjects of the Gardasil 9 vaccine.

The study is scheduled to start on June 1, 2018.

The “Responsible Party” who apparently designed the study at UAB is Professor Warner Huh.

The contact person for the clinical vaccine trials is Sarah Dilley, MD 205-934-2749 sdilley@uabmc.edu. (Source.)”

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Surely nothing can go wrong here, I mean how many people can it kill?
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There is a very clever TV ad campaign on the networks. It is disgusting. It has supposedly late -age teenagers that now have cancer because their neglectful mommy and daddy didn't give them the vaccine when they were aged 9- 11, apparently right before they started having promiscuous sex which is what causes the transmission of the virus.

No mention whatsoever of how you contract this virus.

[Image: children+having+sex+cartoon+.jpg]

It's like the pharmaceutical model
Saturate your body with fatty flesh, no worries, we have
Statins to take care of that.


Because the Grown-Ups have given up
The "National Treasure".
whatever...leave them to feed the hungry wolf inside

Parents Unite! wash your hands of your kids' mistakes.
Let them get genital warts!
let them go to hell for all u care...as long as their chances of getting pregnant or diseased is significantly
Screw the psychological development.
Give the babies steak and scotch!!

(they're gonna smoke anyway...
at least make them smoke FILTERS!)

[Image: if+they+want+to+smoke+it+aint+hutin+anybody.jpg]

[Image: i+wash+my+hands+of+your+blood.jpg]
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I've seen this commercial, one of the most manipulative pieces of shit I've seen in a long time we. And it makes me crazy because right after they launched this vaccine, the reports started rolling in about the damage it had done to its recipients.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, there is a very good series about vaccine dangers. Here is episode 1

This documentary is extensive: it features doctors, parents, researchers. It has first hand accounts of damage that was done. It has people talking about skewed research. It has doctors talking about how truly uninformed they are when it comes to these various vaccines. And perhaps most shocking, it tells, in detail, the ridiculous amount of vaccines that are given to newborns and toddlers.

And things have NOT gotten better since this documentary was made.

I share it with you so you will be armed with info when you talk to others or are in a situation where someone is trying to coerce you into taking vaccines.
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This is horrible! Just horrible. I'm so sick of this crap!
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My late Sister died a slow death from the Sak Polio vax.

I was never jabbed until I HAD to take the measles one in college or be kicked out. Then last fall, what I thought was just a routine tetanus shot was chock full of crap! DTAP they called it. Contained shit for whooping cough and the like.

I thought that the pain in my arm was from the accident I'd been in. I am really beginning to wonder if it's the jab instead.
This is not a game.
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Give it to all of the illegal immigrants first - just to show that they also get cutting-edge health care.

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(03-12-2018, 04:42 PM)T-Dub Wrote: Surely nothing can go wrong here, I mean how many people can it kill?

Besides all of them?

Unless it causes a mutation, and, you know, zombies.

[Image: eo3A8MJ.jpg]
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(03-12-2018, 06:31 PM)The Comedian :D Wrote:
(03-12-2018, 04:42 PM)T-Dub Wrote: Surely nothing can go wrong here, I mean how many people can it kill?

Besides all of them?

Unless it causes a mutation, and, you know, zombies.


I gotta watch that again.
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