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Mass Surveillance on the Border is Meant for Americans
While many of us may be thinking of the border wall as being a physical structure (and it is), there is a much larger border patrol project in progress. This vid points out the correlation between that nation giving up liberty to protect us from terrorists to now giving up liberty to protect us from immigrants.

One of the articles mentioned in the vid highlights these aspects:

Because large portions of the border are so remote, and because U.S. citizens seem more willing to endorse surveillance programs that specifically target non-citizens, American borderlands have become a testing ground for cutting-edge surveillance tech...

Even as privacy hawks on the left and the right warn about the government’s embrace of surveillance tech, it’s been impossible to stop the fast-accelerating development of new infrastructure. President Donald Trump and Democrats in Congress might clash over the need for a border wall, but there’s a growing consensus in Washington that the country needs a “virtual wall.” The terms for this concept vary: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls it a “technological wall”; other members of Congress have adopted Silicon Valley lingo and refer to it as a “smart wall.”...

Part of the project’s political momentum comes lobbying efforts by the tech industry. A surveillance surge on the border means yet another gold rush in Silicon Valley. Tech firms have openly salivated at the prospect of a phalanx of surveillance on the southern border.

When the idea of a smart wall began gaining traction in 2017, three higher-ups from Palantir — the secretive data tech giant that has long been behind some of the government’s largest surveillance projects — left to co-found Anduril, a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge tech for border security. Business has been booming ever since...

Today, that cutting edge of surveillance tech is freakily futuristic: Customs and Border Protection (CBP), already blowing through hundreds of millions of dollars a year on tech contacts, has now begun looking for artificial intelligence capabilities that could fly patrol drones autonomously. The dream is of a fleet of surveillance robots, constantly in the air, thinking for themselves, searching out human bodies.

Entire article here (and there is much more info): https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/the...icans.html

Keep in mind that Real ID goes into effect next October.
Just smile.
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It seems to me as if this is a classic case of the frog in the pot of water.

We were "sold" on the idea that the country being flooded with immigrants isn't a good idea. And that's true. But we never thought this was a good idea to begin with. Then we were presented with the idea that the immigrants were a big threat. In other words, crisis. So we reacted. And surprise -- there was a solution waiting for us. This solution was not launched with Trump. It goes back farther than Obama. You see, it's not partisan.

But we were sold on the idea that it was. Put up a wall! Don't put up a wall! Everyone was fighting with one another. Dems are stupid. Republicans are tyrants. We were so busy taking a red or blue side that we didn't even know that in the shadows, the tech oligarchs were waiting in the wings to cash in big time on the ACTUAL solution.

Crisis. Reaction. Solution.

Have you seen this before?
Just smile.
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Like I think I'll run down to the border and commit some crime.

Or maybe I'll like it better in Mexico.

Naw, I can be seen on surveillance just about anywhere, so that's a waste of time.

Dang idiots and their Amazon door bells.
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(11-08-2019, 01:20 PM)Fritzy Ritz Wrote: Have you seen this before?

Sep 7, 2011
In Wednesday's GOP presidential debate Ron Paul (R-TX) suggested a fence along the U.S. Mexico border could be used to keep Americans in.

The Real ID he mentions is now the law of the land... October 2020 full effect biometrics.
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