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Man says cops ordered him to cut off his dog’s head or go to jail
(01-30-2018, 01:34 AM)Elizabeth Wrote: 11 yrs ago we had a Great Dane, raised inside as part of the family, and never showed a second of aggression.  

He would wait for my son, who was 8 at the time, everyday at the bus stop

One day it was cold and my son had on a big hooded coat, and the dog attacked him.  Tried killing him, I had to beat this 160 lb dog that I loved off of my son.

We were faced with the same thing.  At the time, it cost over 500$ to have the vet put the dog to sleep and remove the head.  And we just couldnt do it outselves.  We didnt have a secure enough place to put the dog here, to wait out the time it took to know if he was clear of rabies.

I can actually see how this happened to this man.

A breeder I had been talking to for years, had no children and a secure place, fenced and double fenced, to put him until the time limit was up.

Never trust a dog that is large enough to seriously hurt someone.

I always heard the stories and always believed the dog had to be abused, or antagonized in some way.

But no.  We learned the hard way.  32 stitches later :'(

You are so right Eli

I had a 185 lb Old English Mastiff that was very well trained friendly and obedient. He bit a cop..... And lived to tell.

The cop was admiring him and ran his hand down his back and sort of on the way to his junk and he bit him... Lemmy bit him right on the forearm. He drew a little blood.

I was in a pet store (they all liked him there and we always went there to get huge bags of dog food) getting food for him and he was on a leash. The guy was talking about suing but backed off.. A big redneck cop in uniform.

You have to be very careful when your animal is a legitimate liability.

And you just never know.

I loved the hell out of Lemmy but he was expensive and a real liability.
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