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Maga hat kids is total bull (McMerged)
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(01-22-2019, 06:11 PM)FlyoverCountry Wrote: Maybe the red hat will go out and something new will take it's place.

[Image: XAsinAu.jpg]

That's a nice hat...gotta link?
" Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak"-Sun Tzu
(And never let your enemies provoke you into action.)

We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive, but we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.
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Nathan Phillips speaks with forked tongue .

“I can’t be around people who take everything I say seriously. I’m not being mean, I’m just sarcastic as hell and I like to joke around. Why are you crying?”

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(01-22-2019, 06:06 PM)Kels Wrote: *sigh*

If nothing else, this thing has illustrated just how wide and deep is the divide in this country.

Lots and lots of militant young wimmens batshit crazy bitches.  Of what, exactly, is this mouthy contingent so afraid?  That they won't get to dominate some iteration of ~the struggle~ that a globalist single-parent social norm artificially created?

I just don't get it.  In this country they have every opportunity that ANY other person has, if they can rise to whatever are the requirements/qualifications to ace a given opportunity.  

Many will never rise to the requirements/qualifications of the good wife and good mother, and they do not WANT to, and they're not EXPECTED to.  So what the hell is the problem?  They're just so frickin' pissed off about every little thing.   Something is very wrong here.

We're thinking/ seeing things in good faith. I don't think they're afraid of anything. It's the means to an end + spoiled brat-itis. They're acting and most of them get carried away until they probably believe it.
They won't rise to it because they've been practically brainwashed to want something else: power. and control. Over *everyone*.
The little fools don't realize they've thrown away all the power in the world. Power that they were born with.
It's the nursery story about the dog, holding a bone, and seeing his reflection in a pond. They, too, will end up with nothing.

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I love their attorney.

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(01-22-2019, 05:15 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote:
(01-22-2019, 05:01 PM)Sassy Wrote:
(01-22-2019, 04:50 PM)Guest Wrote: The problem is that I'm out there talking to people and they, in the face of tapes with the truth, are still blaming the kids, saying they shouldn't have worn the hats and that they must have done something.  I'm about ready to scream at how ignorant some folks choose to be.

They didn't all wear them and last I checked this is still a free country. They were waiting for their bus after participating in the Right for Life march. Minding their own business and these people approached, followed and taunted them and were in their face. Phillips group called them MF child molesting Fks, dirty ass crackers, rapists, Nigrs, dusty ass animals, anything they could to get a reaction.

These people pushed into the kids and did this and so did Phillips. I would suggest you tell them that and leave them with a statement like this...I sure hope your kids aren't around when some activist group decides to do this to them for being white or alive.

Actually, it was the Black Israelites that was hurling the ethnic slurs. They set up not far from the kids and started their usual routine of harassing everyone passing by them.

Phillip's group came clear across the plaza because MAGA hats were seen. They stopped and played for a minute, moved into the crowd, Phillips found his target and squared up for a stare down. Phillip's companion did hurl the ever tasteful "This is not your land. Go back to Europe." mantra but from several viewings of the various video angles available, that was about it.

Phillips and crew left without a scratch on them or a rude word said to them. The Catholic school kids were more confused than anything else.

But, white privilege you know. That means you have to stand there and just be targeted by bullies and still catch the blame for being targeted.

Great post by the way ARM.

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(01-22-2019, 06:30 PM)Sassy Wrote: I love their attorney.

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These are the retweeters they will go after. I think it will lead to Antifa in the end and some politician. Definitely a set up and this attorney will make them pay.

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(01-22-2019, 06:42 PM)Sassy Wrote: These are the retweeters they will go after. I think it will lead to Antifa in the end and some politician. Definitely a set up and this attorney will make them pay.


Pennies to pesos that it lands on Shareblue/Media Matters. The DNC dirty tricks division keeping all the BS 'IST' garbage floating in the media.
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