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Lunatic Outpost
A forum is only as good as its Mods... and posters don't be.. [Image: funny-gifs-whats-this-smell-in-the-hallway.gif]
I can't look away Blink
Thanks mc. you are doing a great job! I like it here much better. And the background makes it very cozy and comfy to be here honestly. Love it! I am coordinating efforts to get people here and to boycott lop. He just killed his forum. Over time it will dwindle.
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I really don't know what to say other than...
[Image: qnagoZQ.gif?noredirect]
(10-20-2016, 12:38 PM)ChillBro Wrote: I can't look away Blink

[Image: tL15R.gif]

[Image: bikini.gif]

don't know why the first one stopped showing ..so here it is again
this will be the final straw. Fuck that site. Truths coming out and Hillary pays off more people.
- Follow me on Twiiter @Real_Vengeance.  Be at one with yourself in between that line of serenity and rage -
All you need to know about Disturbed is he once wrote that whites should be banned from breeding with other whites. Then he would be happy in his diverse multicultural utopia. At the same time he cowers in fear from the Muslims. He is a coward and a useless moron. His forum deserves to die.
If you live your life using simple common sense you are a now a member of the extreme right.

Grab all that wiki-stuff and post it here. If they're too chicken then there is always someone else who has the time to do it. Illegal to download, uh? Screw that garbage. Chris Cuomo can kiss my big bloated ass! Fear mongers pushing their trade. 

ive already gotten several people over here and will continue sending out hundreds of messages to people to boycott. by him doing this, his site will implode. He deserves what's coming to him!
- Follow me on Twiiter @Real_Vengeance.  Be at one with yourself in between that line of serenity and rage -
(10-20-2016, 12:22 PM)Skyrison Wrote:
(10-20-2016, 12:17 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote: Back in the day it used to be a decent site.

Fair moderation as far as that goes. Certain subjects such as the holocaust were a no go for discussion but pretty much everything else was fair game.

It took a nose dive when D decided to turn it into a profit center.

Then D stumbled on the 'Pay to Prey' model of business. Crash and burn. The bigger the bucks the more you could get away with. I briefly contemplated coughing up a few pesos just to get that immunity but decided that a better use of that money was setting it on fire.

If you still have friends over there send them the link to over here.

I already sent links to 8 different people and I'm doing more.  I'm going to be on people all day. His site will crash and burn because of this.

I've been there longer than any forum I've been to in nearly 20 years online. It was my go to place for discussion and camaraderie . I started seeing small signs but thought,maybe Laura,you're being too sensitive.
 Ya'll know I wouldn't vote for Trump if you put a gun to my head but when BS about him,Johnson and Stein is allowed to stand but any criticism of her gets locked down,time to go.
D screwed the pooch big time with this decision but it wont bring a smile to watch his place crash and burn.
Matter of time-short time. Timer
I saw that clearly today.
Glad ya'll are Wink Wink here