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(02-11-2019, 12:38 AM)Catch Wrote:
(02-11-2019, 12:33 AM)Citizen37082 Wrote:
(02-11-2019, 12:27 AM)Catch Wrote: He was a great dog!

And so handsome, too. White Shepherds are such beautiful souls, Catch.

He sure had a lot of "soul" that's for sure  Chuckle  Meanest dog I ever met when I went to get him. He was a rescue through the Humane Society and I met them on site. After 20 minutes of growling and snarling, I told them "put him in the truck. We'll either make it home or we won't" and they did lol. But a short time later, he was pretty content with his new situation. He was sure protective of my daughter though...best thing he could have ever done :)

My ex had a shepard when she was a young girl. If she or her brother got too close to the street the dog would grab their pants and pull them back in the yard.

Dogs are an amazing blessing. If you need to learn what unconditional love is just study a dog.
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