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Lead-up events to 911

Quote:Published on Apr 9, 2013
WATCH FULL REPORT: http://ur1.ca/dbr22
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7253

There are literally dozens of witnesses and insiders who have attempted to blow the whistle on various aspects of the 9/11 story, but still there are those who argue that the official story must be true because otherwise "someone would have talked." Given how many people have indeed talked, this turns out not to be an argument at all, but a dishonest diversion from the truth. What is especially dishonest about this oft-repeated argument of the so-called skeptics is that these whistleblowers have by no means been attempting to hide their stories or keep it from the public. Many of them, in fact, have appeared at conferences, filed formal appeals, joined whistleblower organizations, and made themselves available for interviews throughout the past 12 years, but they have been scrupulously shunned by the so-called fourth estate whose monetary interests rely on the 9/11 terror paradigm to justify the ever-expanding warfare/surveillance state.
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Hang The Globalists
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Osama Bin Laden not flying a magic carpet? A LearJet 35! Here to make sure everything went to plan.

Then boom, while everyone else was grounded, some Saudi's are allowed to leave the country while under the suspicion of the FBI.

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9/11 a result of not taking out Saddam Hussein because we have some rule that says we can't take out the leader of another country?
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There are too many inconsistencies in how the planes were hijacked and ran into the WTC. Were cell phones at the time actually capable of making a call at 30000' ? How come everyone on the phone calls were completely calm? The flights that were hijacked weren't even scheduled to fly that day.

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What is actuallly forbidden history they don't teach in schools (follow the money).

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This is a thread with a good bit of my 9/11 research compiled...
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Don't even need terrorists...just need a Hillary Clinton patened gyro implanted and we can control (I mean crash) anything.

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Is there a connection between the Oklahoma City Bombing and the WTC 9/11?

We weren't able to take down the WTC with a bombing back in 1993 during which a time the Gulf War was still going on, so let's try it as an experiment on a smaller scale. How about we try it on the Murrah building? Then we can figure out what we did wrong and try again on the WTC.


But wait...the engineer of the WTC the day after WTC epic fail attempt back in 1993, stated that the WTC was intended to withhold against a Boeing 707 fully loaded fuel & passengers. So maybe we should try that in 2001.

And why couldn't we explain the missing billions from the defense spending fund the day before?

How about why military trucks took out all of the gold and silver down in the basement of WTC just weeks before the "unexpected/unprecedented attack" on the WTC?
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The Lone Gunmen 2001 ...Series Premiere 9/11 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lone_Gu..._series%29
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