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Kenyans just can't run a Govenrment
Foreign governments can not run Kenyans because... they R tards...Think on it... Haiti???
Fuck That Shit!
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I ' m gonna miss the Kenyan Bean if things fold wrong .

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(12-28-2018, 01:02 PM)bigD111 Wrote: One ting lead to another!   V6sRZf4

Facepalm Chuckle
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(12-28-2018, 07:37 PM)Hazmat Wrote: Foreign governments can not run Kenyans because... they R tards...Think on it... Haiti???

Haiti was the wealthiest place in New World when the French ran it.
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(12-28-2018, 07:08 PM)Legion Wrote:
(12-28-2018, 12:16 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote: China's African debt-trap: Beijing prepares to seize Kenya's port of Mombasa
Nairobi fails to repay massive debts on shady loan for underperforming railway, Kenyan infrastructure ripe for the taking: reports

African media reports that Kenya may soon be forced to relinquish control of its largest and most lucrative port in Mombasa to Chinese control.

Other assets related to the inland shipment of goods from the port, including the Inland Container Depot in Nairobi, and the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), may also be compromised in the event of a Chinese port takeover.

When the Chinese lender granted the loan to the Kenyan government, somehow the KPA signed on as a borrower. Somehow Kenya's government agreed that the port “would not be protected by sovereign immunity since the Government waived the immunity on the Kenya Ports Assets" by virtue of KPA signing on as a borrower, according to the Auditor General.

It is becoming increasingly clear that China’s designs on the nations of Africa are anything but benevolent. Kenya appears to be lining up behind Zambia, which is slated to lose its international airport, as well as its national electricity grid because of defaults on Chinese loans.

Kenyans can't run a government.
Zimbabweans can't run a govt.
South Africans can't run a govt.
Sundanese can't run a govt. .........

................. hang on a minute, I'm starting to see a pattern forming  Scratchinghead

Are there any black independent countries that haven't run their economies into the ground? I can't think of one.

the only one i know of is the Bahamas.
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