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Katie Hopkins European "HOMELANDS" documentary
People don't recognise their own country anymore.

The latest documentary and investigation of the current situation.

Introduction by Janice Atkinson MEP.

43 mins

Watching it now.

80% of the prisoners in France are Muslims.

A Muslim shares that there are now cafes in France and women are not allowed in, only men.

A million Muslims living in Cape Town!

A French Jewish couple that returned to Israel say that the French Jews have a saying. "The Jews that were pessimists ended up in Hollywood with swimming pools, the optimists ended up in concentration camps".

Liberate the power of love within and it is so powerful, it is a key to life. A life redeemed is a life in the hands of the Lord, the voice that said, "You are safe". Every morning he brings his word of unfailing love, he leads the redeemed, in strength he guides the redeemed to his holy dwelling.
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