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Justice At Last? New World Next Week
Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:


Story #1: No Way Will Epstein Be Allowed to Expose Political Pedos

Coulter Calls Epstein “State Sponsor(ed)” “Concierge”, Running “Blackmailing” Operation

Here’s Ghislaine Maxwell, by many accounts Jeffrey Epstein’s “pimp” and “groomer of girls” at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Epstein Rabbit Hole Goes a Lot Deeper Than You Think

Search Archive: “Jeffrey Epstein”

Flashback: Prince Andrew & Perv Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Stroll Around NYC (Feb. 24, 2011)

NWNW Flashback: New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Goes Public; Defamation Lawsuit Targets Dershowitz (Apr. 18, 2019)

NWNW Flashback: Jeffrey Epstein Witnesses Take the 5th (Jan. 8, 2015)

Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’


Jeffrey Epstein’s Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight

Episode 304 – Political Pedophilia

Interview 1403 – Derrick Broze on Jeffrey Epstein and The Finders

Spacey Accuser Refuses To Testify In Court

Story #2: Somerville, Massachusetts Becomes 2nd US City To Ban Facial Recognition Tech

UK Man Fined £90 for Hiding Face From Police Facial Recognition Cameras

#BreakingNews: @Minds CEO & Co-Founder Bill Ottman “is attending The White House #SocialMediaSummit to discuss #transparency, #privacy, digital rights and civil discourse between the left and right both online and offline.”

Story #3: Juror Urges U.S. Judge to Uphold $80 Million Roundup Verdict Against Bayer

Lawsuits Against Bayer Are Sprouting Like Weeds

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Show notes and live links: https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-...an-pilato/
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Maybe this ties in?

“No matter how much you think by using your Lower Physical Mind, that programmable aspect of the Physical Body you are using, no matter how much data you collect that you think may be relevant in this enclosed system called Physicality containing what we call Humanity, you will never be able to fully understand what is going on without the Light’s assistance.

Let’s look at the basics:

There are 2 feuding Essences in this Realm – Good and Evil.

Evil is an experimental aberration in this enclosed system called the Physical Universe.

The experimental is about to be terminated.
It has been terminated in 97% of this Universe which, in reality, no longer exists.

This Galaxy, called the Milky War, in which Earth exits, and all surrounding Galaxies, are about to implode.

There is NOTHING any Human can do about that.

The Physical is being erased.

Being the Endtime, I now make these assertions:

All Evil, and all of an Evil Essence, will be exposed in preparation for their total destruction!

We will learn who is who!

Those of Darkness (which are artificial entities) that have not rejected Evil will be liquidated.

All of Light will be declared Viable and will be transported to other dimensions depending on their progress and understanding.

Nothing will interfere with this Process.

As the Endtime progresses on this level, we will witness many of the things I have described previously:

· Perennial War, including Nuclear War!

· Fatal Global Warming due to Plasma Waves entering the Solar System from areas outside it!



· Elimination of ALL species from the planet via starvation, war, flooding, diseases, noxious ‘alien’ practices, etc.

· Traumatic events in a dying planet: Earthquakes, tsunamis, extensive fires, etc.

· Terminal Madness of the Endtime in all consciousnesses not protected by the Light.

As well as these things, restoration of TRUE VISION will occur so we will know

1 Who is a Viable – a being of Light – to be saved,

2 Who is an Artificial Robot to be saved or to be destroyed

3 Who is Human, who is an Alien, who is a Grade 5 Demon or Angel, etc.

· FEAR will be a major component in the lives of the FAILURES.

But they have had infinite chances to prove their worth and reject the evil programming that engulfed them.

· Those of a DEMONIC ESSENCE never had a chance. They are simply automatons that must, per force, be liquidated!!

The perfect examples of these are the Reptilians that have infested Humanity!
This knowledge is extensive but I don’t want any of you to be engulfed by the enormity of facts that are available.

Nor do I want any of Light to focus on the Ending and Destruction.

These things HAVE to occur per force in order to destroy the SPIRITUAL CANCER THAT HAS DEVELOPED IN THIS UNIVERSE.

BEINGS OF LIGHT who are to be salvaged must NOT focus on the decimation and total elimination of the Physical and on those of an Evil Essence.

They must lift their hearts and focus on the Happiness to come.

There is no greater joy than the thought of returning to our Heavenly Realms.

We are not all going to the same levels and dimensions.

But wherever the Recued Beings do go, they will inherit an existence they have always longed for since being trapped in this Cesspool.

They will be in an environment of Infinite Peace, Love and Joy.

What more could we want?

Of course, in the New Dimensions we will progress on an upward path to higher and higher realms of BLISS.

Can anything be better?

There is nothing better, this I promise.

Who am I to tell you all this?

My identity does not matter for now.

We will meet soon enough and we will all know who we are in our true essence.
"Most likely, I'll be a dick today somewhere or somehow"
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Can we take our guns?
"Here they defended themselves to the last, those who still had swords using them, and the others resisting with their hands and teeth."Herodotus VII, 225
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Here is the Derrick Brose video mentioned in the first video. This is an interview from 2018.

Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us once again. This time we talk about the latest developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case, as well as Broze’s investigation into the decades-old story of The Finders and their links to child trafficking.


show notes: https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-...e-finders/
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Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (2018 Documentary)
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