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Jesus, Mary and Joseph Pray For Us
I'm lost on this one...

Transgender priest, 37, leaves the Catholic church to become a woman after six years of secretly struggling with her identity


A transgender priest who left the Catholic church to become a woman says she still has the support of God after leaving the clergy.

Alisha Cacace, 37, of Basingstoke, Hampshire, felt like she was in the wrong body for as long as she can remember.

She cherishes her past time as a priest and has even held onto the priest robes she used to wear – but she's quick to admit that she has also completely left that part of her story behind now as she enjoys life with her daughter Abbie.

WTF is up with the Catholic Church?

This dude was a priest? People were listening to this fucker's advice about spiritual matters?

They don't explain where his daughter came from, they don't say he was married or had a divorce or what.
He is hanging out at gay bars while a priest.
He decides from that experience that he is a man in a woman's body.

No wonder they have child molester priests these days. They let anybody become a priest.
That Religion is a freaking mess.
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What a world! Facepalm
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[Image: JdNo3vn.jpg]

[Image: OEUF8lv.jpg]

Can you imagine haven gone to confession and telling this pretzel what twisted things you have done?
They are infiltrating this religion to kill it off, I think.
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(07-11-2019, 04:31 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote: [Image: JdNo3vn.jpg]

[Image: OEUF8lv.jpg]

Can you imagine haven gone to confession and telling this pretzel what twisted things you have done?
They are infiltrating this religion to kill it off, I think.

That's one toe headed person. Looks like someone drew a face on a thumb
Getting off the beaten path puts your soul back on track
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Notice the daughter trying to maintain some distance from Fr. Thumbhead

What a life story this poor girl has.

Started out - I'm the bastard of a Catholic Priest.
bad enuf, but now - I'm the bastard of a tranny woman ex-priest whose head is a thumb.
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Good Lord, it's not just the Catholics!

[Image: IlPTTzG.jpg]
This holy lady, Amy Butler was pulling in 250K/yr as the Senior Pastor at non-denominational Riverside Church in NYC.
She also was getting $8,000-a-month housing allowance and more than $55,000 in yearly pension.

She was woke, started the "From #MeToo to #ChurchToo to #NeverAtChurch” movement, wrote a public essay and outed a male church leader

In Butler’s opinion piece for the Baptist News Global website, the reverend said she initially stayed silent about the sexist mistreatment, but reported it to church officials after “witnessing another exchange I found unprofessional and uncomfortable.”

“Here at Riverside we are striving to model what a faith community should be: a safe place for everyone,” she wrote.

“Harmful and abusive behavior must be exposed and confronted; this means disciplining employees and community leaders who violate those policies.”

...then she goes to a church conference with her underlings, takes them to sex shop and spends church money on sex toys!

Neither assistant minister wanted to go to the raunchy store and the male minister repeatedly told Butler they were uncomfortable. Butler said they didn’t have to go, but they “felt pressured” and feared professional retaliation, sources said.

At the store, the pastor bought a $200 bunny-shaped blue vibrator called a Beaded Rabbit for one minister — a single mom of two who was celebrating her 40th birthday — as well as more pleasure gadgets for the congregant and herself, sources said.

The female minister didn’t want the sex toy, but accepted it because she was scared not to, sources said.

The gay male minister (in a 'committed relationship' ...but apparently not married and boning) declined.

These people have infested religious organizations. They are there to destroy it.
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[Image: 5v0m5h.png]
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Godzilla Rules
[Image: HR7VjSZ.gif]
Sometimes, the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons that created them 。
~ 芹沢 一郎
P. S. Lick my naughty bits.
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(07-11-2019, 03:59 PM)St. Blue Dude Wrote: That Religion is a freaking mess.

It's not the religion that is a mess, that has held up rather well, considering the extent of extraneous
conspiracy and assault it has endured for centuries. The RCC has been the enemy of Masonic, Para-Masonic,
Satanist, Illuminist, Communist and Jewish public and secret organization for a VERY long time.
They had plans, LONG-term plans.. to infiltrate the hierarchy from the bottom to the top.
It is an enormous subject of incredible depth and substance. As early as 1903, an O.T.O. member was
elected Pope without knowledge, then the conspiracy was uncovered by Franz Josef (who was shot to start WW1)
and he used his Jus exclusivae to veto. Not so fortunate in 1958, or 2013. There is much battle taking place.
Even the homosexual acts in that segment of the clergy were based on ritual. Same ritual of the Gnostic Catholic Church
and other sick groups... they got inside the seminaries. The good news is, exposure and the changing of the guard is building.

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