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Jerusalem is not the city of peace.....
What makes a place evil? Is it not humans that make a place evil?

On the other hand, what makes a place holy? Humans have a long history of building religious edifices on top of previous so-called holy places.
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You know more about this than I do. I just realized I need to do more study to keep up with you. :)
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(03-14-2018, 09:03 AM)KillTheCarnage Wrote: Another new insight into this question is.....

If Jerusalem was so important to God, then why did he NEVER tell the Jews to conquer the city?  

Even after the forty years wandering in the desert, as the Israelites invaded Caanan they showed no interest in Jerusalem, nor did God show any interest in Jerusalem.  They ignored the city.

The tabernacle for Israel was then set up in Shiloh.  No temple was requested to be built, nor was Jerusalem ever mentioned as a place where they should worship God.

Later, enter King David, who conquers Jerusalem.  What follows this conquest?  Sexual sin, murder, and a dead child.  Further, David later goes to war with his own son, becomes a pedophile in his old age, and his own family members rape and kill one another.

Then, fast forward to Solomon.  What begins his rein in the dark city?  Murder.  Then it would seem that Solomon recognized the evil which permeated the city, the infection, and sought to consecrate the ground with the building of the first temple, but what followed that move?  The splitting of the Israelite Kingdom and a descent into darkness and debauchery for Israel that culminated in their conquest by Babylon.

The Antichrist —
The Antichrist will be a Jew, though his connections, his governmental position, his sphere of dominion, will by no means confine him to the Israelitish people. It should, however, be pointed out that there is no express declaration of Scripture which says in so many words that this daring Rebel will be "a Jew;" nevertheless, the hints given are so plain, the conclusions which must be drawn from certain statements of Holy Writ are so obvious, and the requirements of the case are so inevitable, that we are forced to believe he must be a Jew. To these hints', conclusions' and requirements' we now turn.
1. In Ezek.21:25-27 we read: "and thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is, and I will give it him." The dispensational place and scope of this passage, is not hard to determine. The time-mark is given in v.25: it is "when iniquity shall have an end." It is the End-Time which is in view, then, the End of the Age, when "the transgressors are come to the full" (Dan.8:23 and cf.11:36 -- "Till the indignation be accomplished"). At that time Israel shall have a Prince, a Prince who is crowned (v.26), and a Prince whose day is said to be come when "iniquity shall have an end." Now, as to who this Prince is, there is surely no room for doubt. The only Prince whom Israel will have in that day, is the Son of Perdition, here termed their Prince because he will be masquerading as Messiah the Prince (see Dan.9:25)! Another unmistakable mark of identification is here given, in that he is expressly denominated "thou, profane wicked Prince" -- assuredly, it is the Man of Sin who is here in view, that impious one who shall "oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God." But what should be noted particularly, is, that this profane and wicked character is here named "Prince of Israel." He must, therefore, be of the Abrahamic stock, a Jew!

2. In Ezek.28:2-10 a remarkable description is given us of the Antichrist under the figure of "the Prince of Tyrus," just as in vv.12-19 we have another most striking delineation of Satan under the figure of "the king of Tyrus." In a later chapter we hope to show that, beyond a doubt, it is the Antichrist who is in view in the first section of this chapter. There is only one thing that we would now point out from this passage: in v.10 it is said of him "Thou shalt die the deaths of the uncircumcised," which is a very strong hint that he ought not to die the deaths of the "uncircumcised" because he belonged to the Circumcision! Should it be said that this verse cannot apply to the Antichrist because he will be destroyed by Christ Himself at His coming, the objection is very easily disposed of by a reference to Rev.13:14, which tells of the Antichrist being wounded to death by a sword and rising from the dead -- which is prior to his ultimate destruction at the hands of the Saviour.

3. In Dan.11:36, 37 we are told, "And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers." This passage, it is evident, refers to and describes none other than the coming Antichrist. But what we wish to call special attention to is the last sentence quoted -- "The God of his fathers." What are we to understand by this expression? Why, surely, that he is a Jew, an Israelite, and that his fathers after the flesh were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- for such is the invariable meaning of "the fathers" throughout the Old Testament Scriptures.

4. In Matt.12:43-45 we have another remarkable scripture which will be considered briefly, in a later section of this chapter, when we shall endeavor to show that "The Unclean Spirit" here is none other than the Son of Perdition, and that the "house" from which he goes out and into which he returns, is the Nation of Israel. If this can be established, then we have another proof that he will be a Jew, for this "house," which is Israel, is here termed by Antichrist "my house." Just as Solomon was of "the House of David," so Antichrist shall be of the House of Israel. http://biblehub.com/library/pink/the_ant...ill_be.htm
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Jerusalem is older than any of us can imagine.

There is the extreme possibility that Jerusalem was not originally founded long ago in Earth's ancient past, and it is connected to the builders of the pyramids!

"Several massive stones 'under-pin' the Temple mount. They are estimated to weigh around 500 tons each. They were found when excavations along the western 'Wailing wall' uncovered them.

There are only three examples of masonry similar to this; In Jerusalem, at nearby Baalbek in Lebanon, and at Giza, Egypt."

Something old, ancient, and very evil was sealed away under the temple mount, the unholy ground which Solomon attempted to consecrate.

It was the Templar Knights who found whatever it was, and released it's evil upon the world.

"The Knights Templar history starts in the year 1119 in Jerusalem. The order take their name from Solomon's temple. Their official purpose was to protect the roads for pilgrims to the city, but as there are so few records of events and the fact that we know that there were only nine in residence at Jerusalem it is suspected that there was another agenda afoot.

The recorded actions of the knights suggests that they spent nine years digging and excavating a series of tunnels under their quarters on the temple mount. These tunnels were re-excavated in 1867 by Lieutenant Warren of the Royal Engineers. The access tunnel descends vertically downwards for eighty feet through solid rock before radiating in a series of tunnels horizontally under the site of the temple itself. In the tunnels he found a spur, remnants of a lance, a small Templar cross and the major part of a Templar sword. These artefacts are now preserved by Templar archivist for Scotland, Robert Bryan of Edinburgh. (7)

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in particular the Copper scroll, which is an itinerary of treasures supports the idea that they were searching for the lost wealth of the Hebrews. Of great interest then is the fact that they soon became an enormously wealthy group, influencing Popes, Kings and European politics. They accumulated great wealth and power with banking activities, lending money to the European kings. The Templars prosperous business turned into their ruin when Philip the Fair of France, unable to repay his enormous debt with them, decided to wipe out the order all together. He also convinced the Pope Clemente V to accuse the Templar's of heresy and to confiscate all their properties. The knights were persecuted, killed and tortured and in few years the order was completely annihilated. It is often claimed that King Philip of France secretly ordered the mass arrest of all the Knights Templar in France on Friday, October 13, 1307."

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That something dark and evil was sealed deep below the city of Jerusalem is given credence by the symbol Israel chooses today as it's national symbol, the hexagram!

"The legend of King Solomon's Seal, of the wondrous signet ring which he received from heaven, is common to Judaism, to Christianity and to Islam. King Solomon's Seal, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites, whose significance is manifold as much as it is multi-cultural. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolizes super-human wisdom and rule by divine grace."

"The hexagram or the pentagram, appear first on "magic" mezuzot (doorpost scrolls) and later on various talismans in literature. The magic drawings of the hexagram and the pentagram were known as seals, in keeping with the idea that a person "stamps himself" with these signs in order to protect himself from harmful spirits. This term is connected to the legend of King Solomon who controlled the demons by means of a special signet ring on which was engraved the Tettragrammaton. The seal only had power for one thing to provide protection from malevolent forces."

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