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It's discrimination I tell ya
If you look at the top 6 Presidential contenders, the top 4 Republican finishers in Iowa plus the 2 Democrats, only ONE candidate is a white Protestant male, and that's Donald Trump. The other top Republicans consist of a black and 2 Cubans. On the Democratic side, you have a woman (who is also a lesbian) and a Jew.
If Hillary is indicted, Joe Biden will jump in (he's Catholic), and Michael Bloomberg will run as an independant (another Jew).
The bottom line is that white Protestant men of Western European extraction are seriously under-represented among the top contenders.
White Protestants should take to the streets like every other group that feels the sting of institutional discrimination.
No justice, No peace !!!
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That's racist, Rick Chuckle
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[Image: racism-anyway.jpg]

[Image: Funny-Chess-121.jpg]

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[Image: 29873149v3_480x480_Front.jpg]
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This underrepresentation is highly problematic and just won't do!

“A ship does not sail with yesterday’s wind” 
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