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It makes me angry when I go out in public and no one is wearing a mask
(05-19-2020, 12:16 PM)Guest Wrote: What’s wrong with you invisible jackbutts?

When I see a jerk with no mask I ask him why, then of it isn’t a valid reason I command him to go home immediately.

There is no room to play around. Peoples lives are at steak.  85 percent of the people I see have no mask on.

I’m not claiming to be a tough guy. I’m in my 50s and not very large but i surly won’t back don’t from no man.

I have courtesy. I wear a mask when I go out and if I toutionary in the restroom I disinfect the restroom after I’m done tourtionarying. If more people were like me, covid would be no more.

I said if more people were like me COVID WOULD BE NO MORE.

If I see you in public and you do not have a mask on I will confront you and order you to go home immediately.

Masks are worse than useless because they INCREASE the wearer's risk by breathing in less oxygen and more CO2.

It's not your fault because like many millions of people - probably the vast majority - you have no understanding of what causes viral infections. There are two preliminary facts you need to know first. One is that you have 380 Trillion viruses in your body. The second is that you breathe in 1,200 viruses an hour. So your body needs to have a highly efficient ability to repel those viruses. And it does because we don't catch the flu every year.

There is only one thing  that is needed, in fact. Your membrane potential. IF your membrane potential isn't functioning at a high enough level, you'll get the flu or a cold.

You could wear ten masks on your face and ten more on your butt, but they wouldn't protect you if your MP is too low. because some of those 380 trillion viruses will inject you.

Meanwhile, maybe we should talk about how you've bought into the hype that is intended to trigger latent fear in you. They do this to pull the wool over your eyes, so that they can take advantage of your good graces.

Covid is a made up word. They made it up because if they called it a cold, they couldn't trick you. But covid is nothing more than a cold.

Meanwhile people are dying from serious conditions that are being labeled as caused by the cold. The latest is delirium and PTSD! There is also darkened toes and feet, skin rashes, and kidney failure. These sometimes deadly conditions should be your first clue that the danger is not a common cold. Something else is taking place but is being blamed on a cold.

Your first clue is that these deaths started in Wuhan. You can be sure that the Chinese aren't terrified of a cold. But healthy people were dropping like cockroaches and twitching as they died in the streets. Those are neurological signs - not a cold. So what are the increased electrical inputs occurring in Wuhan?

Answer that and you'll have your answer.
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sneeze. I bet you wear a used jock strap as face mask on mon.-wed. and half a bra thur.-sun.
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OP is not only a Karen but one of these mainstream media brainwashed blue pilled people.

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I still do not understand these people that go for a walk and wear a mask. It is baffling to me. I see this one couple walking 6 feet apart on 70 degree days, dirt road, no one around and they have on masks. They are so stupid.
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