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important info on NC flooding
Thanks for the post! You won't hear about this on the msm. If you ever smelled a decaying pig, you'd never forget it. Like a body rotting.
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Duke Energy's Brunswick nuclear plant inaccessible by floods | News ...
6 hours ago - Floods limit access to Duke's Brunswick nuclear plant; crews use ... The twin-reactor nuclear plant, located 4 miles inland, is stable and poses no threat to ... Duke Energy starts shutdown of NC nuclear plant as Hurricane ...
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(09-17-2018, 03:07 PM)Rick Farias Wrote: Hal Turner is reporting that an emergency has been declared at a nuke power plant near Wilmington I believe due to flooding.  Anyone else got anything on this?

It's been reported on the Florence Thread.

Dangerous situation!
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Heavenly Father, please keep President Donald J. Trump and his family safe and protected, along with all the Patriots who are working with him and for him. Protect and Nurture our Nation and help us through these turbulent times. We ask this in the Name of Christ  Amen
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Hogs are pretty resourceful animals. The thought of several hundred domestic pigs gone feral (feral hogs are already a problem in many states) is disturbing.
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