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(08-23-2019, 10:16 PM)FlyoverCountry Wrote:
(08-23-2019, 09:51 PM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote: Why do they need public opinion?

Weren't they all crowing about the clear cut evidence they had of Trump committing high crimes and misdemeanors?

If they have it, they need to use it to get that crook out.


[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3...%3DApi&f=1]

Or were they lying to us and it was all BS to rile up their idiot #resist base?

That is one nasty beast.  I bet her breath would knock a buzzard off a gut wagon

So true !!
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Apparently Pelosi is going to announce that she's been doing a lousy job.

I mean she's going to announce that she still wants to imeach Trump. Because he's making the idiots in government look bad.

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Fancy wording in that article: Nancy Pelosi is reportedly set to announce an official impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Tuesday Notice it said nothing about impeaching. Instead the Dems are going to form a committee and are going to have meetings, waste money and time, plus subpoena people. This is the whole Russiagate waste of time and money all over again.

As an American I am pissed off. All of Congress has spent the last 2.5 years wasting time and failing to put the American people first. The country is falling apart while they play "let's get Trump."
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Most everyone knows to ignore that type of fake news.
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Pelosi looks like a snake with false eyelashes.
We pay their salaries, all impeachment advocates should be impeached for stealing our money.
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This is from a story I read about Pelosi and her impeachment speech: She added that she was directing six House committees already investigating Mr. Trump to continue their probes “under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry.”

Six!!! six house committees are investigating. These politicians are not doing anything for the country. They are an absolute disgrace. Other countries must be looking at this and laughing.

This comment in the WSJ sums it up nicely
Quote:Is this an impeachment or is it an investigation into whether an investigation of an investigation by an investigator who is investigating whether an investigation of an investigation of an investigation, etc etc etc into impeachment should take place.
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Sean Davis - The Federalist co-founder stated on Tucker just now that the actual crime they're wanting to impeach the president for is beating Clinton.

Which means...

All of those who voted for the President also committed a crime - voting for him.

Don't kid yourselves.

When they get back into power they will go after everyone - all the way down to babies whose parents voted for the President.
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[Image: 1ZmG0X7.jpg]

The left would have us all in chains and on our knees. Killing each other and divided into little...easy to control factions.

I hope Trump wins in the biggest landslide in history... See how they like that. [Image: cb6vtpb.jpg]

....my original vote for Trump was a PROTEST vote against the left... This one will be as well.


Think for yourself

...tell the person next to you ..You Love Them.
Knock and the door will be opened.

Cognitive Dissident...
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[Image: da2ad7e9f8a7152d9f2af4167a531e567127cba2...988734.jpg]
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Ed Henry reporting on Hannity that the Intel Community IG has found that the second hand info whistleblower had political bias against the President...bias in favor of a rival candidate against the President. He was told this by a senior official and also told that there is no smoking gun in the transcript pointing out any wrong-doing by the President.
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