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Image Uploader *Update*
[Image: 2z4h56g.jpg]
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[Image: 1tq052.jpg]
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[Image: resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-...93b9ee.jpg]
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[Image: wt7p5d.jpg]
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[Image: pP05k47.gif]
(10-19-2015, 12:51 AM)ChillBro Wrote: [Image: resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-...93b9ee.jpg]

Looking around.
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Boy this is an old thread.

Now we have the imgur uploader with postimage's uploader as a backup.
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Which is EXACTLY what I was verifying.
That's an imgur, instead of using the new uploader.
Just playing:)
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no kvetchings

[Image: 9pGsLxv.jpg]
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[Image: babywine.gif]

Just testing.
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im not too keen on imgur. too abd its not postimage or tinypic
[Image: vote4fringe.png]
[Image: gaby.demo.png]

Just to be clear: I may or may not support the articles that i post here
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