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Illegal Alien Living in Seattle RAPES Woman After Posing As Uber Driver
Israel Ramos-Islas, 34, was arrestedlast week in connection with a rape reported Dec. 16, 2018. He was charged Monday with first-degree rape.

The alleged victim was at an office Christmas party on Dec. 15 in Ballard, then went to a bar afterward with coworkers where her friend ordered an Uber to take her home, probable cause documents said. Cars were lined out front and she went up to multiple drivers asking, “Are you my Uber?”

One driver, later identified by the King County Sheriff’s Office (KSCO) as Ramos-Islas, told her yes and handed her a bottle of water, a common thing rideshare drivers do, documents said.

She told police her memory started fading in the car but she remembered the driver said, “I will take you home, but we are going to have some fun first.” The next thing she remembered was the car stopped near a bus stop in White Center and Ramos-Islas on top of her. He then allegedly raped her before driving her the rest of the way home.

Surveillance footage from her “Ring” doorbell released by KSCO showed the two walking up to her house at about 1:45 a.m. The video was motion activated so it only ran for 30 seconds, but before it shuts off Ramos-Islas takes her keys out of his pocket and tries to open the door. She said she remembered getting inside and going to bed.

The next morning she went to Harborview Medical Center for a sexual assault examination after she pieced together the night before.

A KCSO detective contacted the woman’s coworker who said she ended up taking the Uber she ordered for the alleged victim. A search warrant to Uber didn’t yield any drivers that matched the description of the suspect based on the date and location of the rape.

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