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'If they want a white doctor say no' Gov says
(11-07-2019, 11:10 PM)Verity Wrote:
(11-07-2019, 03:19 PM)KOMMA Wrote:
(11-07-2019, 11:53 AM)Verity Wrote: That's deplorable, @KOMMA. We have the same issues
in the States and it's just as you say. Too many of the
Chinese/South East Asian/Indian docs can't speak
English properly

Communication between doctor and patient being paramount,
it's an abject neglect of patient care.

Outrageous how your system is more concerned about its
docs' "feels" than it is the well-being of its patients.

It's mainly the middle eastern doctors that most elderly people have an issue with in the UK, they just can't understand what they're saying. Also some of the Indian doctors speak too softly for them to hear.

We used to have what is called the "bedside manner" with our white English doctors, although even some of those don't have the "Bedside manner" anymore.

With appointments being restricted 10 minutes with GPs and 15-20 minutes with consultants, they spend most of that time asking questions, looking at their computers, and if your lucky you will get a five minute examination, then the patient is rushed out of the door, while the nurses stand there looking totally embarrassed by the consultants treatment of their patients.

One of the consultants asked me what did in during my work life, the nurse was impressed, the consultant just huffed and puffed because he couldn't write down that I was a 'couch potato" sitting in front of a TV all day. They really get the hump when I tell them I first started getting a back issue whilst in the gym Chuckle They can't say that I didn't exercise during my life. Then you should see their faces when I tell them about my work with nutrition, and growing my own food. They then can't blame any condition on lifestyle choices that they like to do.  Chuckle Also when I tell them what the medical profession did to me when I was younger, they can't get rid of me quick enough.

Earlier today, I composed an email to the Health Minister about what he has said on TV, the email was returned due to their being an election. So at present we don't have a Health Minister, although he provided an address to email him on, and then that gmail email address wasn't accepted.


I'm sure you wrote a good letter. Probably could get his physical
address. Snail mail it!  Heartflowers

Good idea @Verity

"The LORD will take delight in you" Isaiah 62. January 2020 he said, "This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased". The Sacred Path is in my hands, I am an instrument of his peace. Jesus said "Your counsel is warranted".
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