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If the races were reversed, this would be the top news story at every publication across the country!!
[Image: EYkf8rOXgAMRwn7?format=png&name=small]
Jaydon Hayden, typical Michigan Democrat voter.

May 21, 2020


If the races were reversed, this would be the top news story at every publication across the country...... Shitfan

The Detroit Police have indicated there has been an arrest in this atrocity. No name, no picture and no indication of the citizenship status of the arrestee. This video will remain pinned here until they offer that information. What are they hiding?

Part two guys


[Image: EYjynWuWsAcHcEG?format=png&name=360x360]
[Image: EYkaku8XQAIWePX?format=jpg&name=large]
[Image: EYk1A0hVcAIYXgr?format=jpg&name=large]
[Image: EYlB9weXYAE1bFc?format=jpg&name=360x360]

The Curious Case of Jaydon Hayden a Black Racist who Beats Elderly White People in a Michigan Psychiatric Hospital
story link:

And here is his apartment block if anyone wishes to pop by for a chat!
[Image: EYkjvjhUcAEHUC_?format=jpg&name=medium]

This should be reported on to bring light to the atrocities that the elderly can endure in nursing homes.The focus on nursing homes recently reminds all of us to care for the most vulnerable & keep them safe from not only COVID...... Yeah3
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Racist, and mentally unwell person.

Crackas, and saltines?
Good, I am glad your account was deleted. I hope you have plenty of visitors.
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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.
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Nursing home abuser says Black people are supposed to rule the world.

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I shamelessly dumped that into my thread on the subject, all violence against whites, Christians and Republicans goes away faster than my morning salute to the day...
Fuck That Shit!
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