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I will help You Get Rid of Cable TV..
Amazon is owned by Bozos no thanks.
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The old D&D treatment.... 

[Image: RXx0nMl.jpg]

Think for yourself
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(03-09-2017, 04:33 AM)t Wrote: Amazon is owned by Bozos no thanks.

If you have a Smart TV you only need to Buy a Firestick.. This will save you an easy $1000 per year .(depending on your cable set up) So do you work Comcast and Verizon ??
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Thats what I use too is kodi. You can get a cable package for it too from a real server, those m3u lists you find online are often poor signal. I would say you could find someone to buy a good m3u list for between $75 and $100 US and then you can cancel your cable theoretically and have 1000 channels.
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(03-08-2017, 11:59 AM)Jimmy Jock Spock Wrote:
(03-02-2017, 02:04 PM)JF Priest Wrote:
(03-02-2017, 01:51 PM)Webster Wrote:
This is a question for any of you folks that have some experience with Kodi.  I have had an adroid box with Kodi on it since last summer and also have Kodi on the pc since before that.  One thing I wished I could do is minimize Koki when its running on the PC now and then rather than have to shut it down to access for eg. a broswer.  Can'y find anyway to do that has anyone found out if it is possbile?


PS: If anyone has run into the cache being full on their box or stick the Merlin cleanup tool set to run on startup helps quite a bit with that.

maybe someone here can.. I can't help.. My KODI is on a FireTv box.. But I will ask could you partition your hard drive and run KODI on one side??
Alt/tab to switch works just fine!  Yeah3

Just noticed your reply Jimmy...tks.  Also thought of the Windows button after I posted the question.  Will give your suggestion a try next time.  Tks.

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Grab the TV, throw it out the fucking window.
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I have some Samsung smart TVs and an lG smart.....

To be honest I have never used any of that tech...

Can kodi be downloaded onto smart TVs?
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