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I need some advice about an aggressive dog
I’m reaching out because I’m at a crossroads with my female Aussie/border mix. I have days to make a decision...which is entirely my fault because it was just easier to not face reality.

She was born on my lap. Her momma literally wanted to sit on me during delivery! She was the first born, and almost felt like a gift from her mother. She has always stayed close to me. As the pups were first getting to explore our in the yard, she was the one who would always stay back by mom...she has always been my girl.
One evening when the puppies were around 5.5-6 weeks old, I had brought the puppies and their mother out into our front yard for some exercise and exploration. My two youngest children were outside with me as well- ages 8 & 6. I noticed to puppies mother go to a group of trees that desperate my yard from the neighbors. I saw two dogs through the trees, but she came back over by me, and the two dogs went away. Ten minutes later, we were all over to that half of the yard when the two neighboring pit bulls charged out of the trees. One grabbed her by the throat and dragged her into the trees, the other began tearing open her abdomen. I started screaming and crying and had to figure out how to get my children out of harms way, and her 5 puppies. It took over five minutes for someone to hear me screaming and help my dog. But at the hat moment, I had to protect my children from danger, and also to get them away from seeing their dog be literally torn to shreds. I was one small woman with a group of people babies and dog babies.
In the end with the help of metal rakes and two by fours, we were able to free my dog. She lived about two minutes at the emergency vet. I will never get over what happened. I won’t even look at that corner of my yard. I came home with my dead dog only to have to listen to those two monsters next door bark all night. (They weren’t removed for two weeks). That’s what we listened to as we buried her.
I say all of this to give you a small glimpse of where my emotional attachment and baggage all is in this.

My girl is now 3.5. Sweet as pie to my family. She is not a fan of my husband really but has grown accustomed. He was working on location until they were about 6 months old, so he was viewed as a stranger. She has always been typical of most borders- Leary of all strangers. She guards her family to a fault. When we have friends or family visit- she must be kenneled while they are present. That is extremely challenging when there are six kids at home.
Until she was 1, she would just bark at new people. After that she would bark and lunge towards new people in the house. We just started to kennel her in those situations after that. She has chased children out of our yard- scared the hell out of that poor 6 year old. She is a frantic mess if there is a knock on the door. She assumes defensive body posturing, but then runs to her kennel. I cannot even take her in the car. If we need to park, she will literally try and lunge our the window if she sees someone come too close. She also despises one of our other dogs. To her defense- that dog really really pushes her buttons. We went through a phase where she would attack her every time she saw her. I just have to be hyper vigilant to watch the energy in the room to prevent any fighting.
She is also not tolerant of my children getting too hyper. That sends her into a tizzy. She doesn’t bite, but uses her body weight to tell them to knock it off.
She is still in accepting of people who have been consistent visitors since she was born.
But, if she is in her kennel or muzzled- she is willing to take treats from them, sit next to them and allow them to pet her. But you can see the fear in her eyes. She is terrified.
Also, I have her brother- while he barks like a loon, he is the happiest dork you will ever meet. Lives for his ball and frisbee, and if he’s lucky, a little left over spaghetti :)

We are moving. The house we rented since before she was born was sold. We have looked since January for a home that would work for us all- the dogs being a huge consideration. My dream home popped up and is holding 90% of my things- but I am in complete shut down mode because I am afraid of what a new environment will do to my dog. It’s pushed me into a corner to have to face my situation and make decisions. I haven’t slept in two weeks. I wake up crying and am sick to my stomach. Our vet last month recommended a rescue/sanctuary. We reached out to them- but they only take giant breeds and were full. She told my husband it was best to put her down.

I can find no rescue that will take her. I am unsure if it’s safe to take her to the new house. It’s fully fenced, but we will now have neighbors right next door. One side is an elderly gentleman, the other side has grandchildren that come over and play frequently. I can’t imagine my girl lunging at them through the fence. She might not make physical contact- but mentally it will.

I could get her dog Prozac, muzzle her at all times if we go outside into the yard- and kennel her frequently. And if some rescue doesn’t pop up soon- euthanize her. I can’t even imagine taking my beautiful young healthy dog in and doing this. I can’t begin to tell you the torment I’m in right now. I don’t even want to be awake. I feel like I failed her mother, not just once- but now twice.
It is so strange to me that I now I have to realize that my dog may possibly be just as dangerous as the dogs who killed her mom.

She has never bitten anyone. I’ve always managed her surroundings. My fear is going from a place with a huge lot/yard to one that has less- it limits my ability to control that environment.
I don’t know what to do. The vet is seeing us Thursday.

I believe in my heart that she is just terrified and thinks she is doing the right thing. She adores us and is 100% devoted to us. She cannot be responsibly rehomed- she must go through someone trained and familiar with the breed. She cannot go to a shelter. If she needs to be put down, I would rather be in control of that. She doesn’t need to suffer in a cage only to be destroyed.

Can dog Prozac and training work? Is it the responsible thing to do for the other humans that will be around me? What if even my vet cannot find a rescue?? Why are there rescues for violent pit bulls but not my girl? Even though she gets adequate exercise with me- maybe she really needed a farm like setting?

I’m open to any advice. Please be kind. I really can’t handle anymore guilt then I already feel.
My family rescues dogs- but I have never dealt with aggression. I just have no idea what the right choice is.

Thank you for listening to my wall of text. Now I have to go to the eye doctor with my big swollen from crying eyes.

We are a small group, but if any of you know of a great rescue in Georgia to save my girl, I’d appreciate it. They usually will not take dogs with behavior issues.


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Although I didn't read the WHOLE thing, I will say ANY dog can be trained.

You just need patience and persistence.

And you have to know how to be the alpha so it listens to you, best way to do this (many ways): grab the dog by the shoulders and lay it down, no matter how much it fights you, lay it on its side so its neck is revealed (most dogs will hate this), and hold the dog there until it stops fighting (wait 5-10 seconds after its done fighting to make sure its done)
Continue these steps if it ever acts out or is doing anything you dislike

Show dominance!
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So how many dogs do you have? From your post there are at least 3. Why so many? You also say you have 6 children at home. That is way to chaotic of an environment for those animals. Why not rehome the others and keep the aggressive one?
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Dogs shouldn't be raised by women and this is why.
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(07-23-2018, 01:47 PM)Guest Wrote: Dogs shouldn't be raised by women and this is why.

I disagree with this.

There are plenty of men and women who should not raise dogs.
I've seen plenty of men and women who can and have raised dogs.

Probably best to not generalize 50% of the entire population due to your own ignorance.
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(07-23-2018, 01:47 PM)Guest Wrote: Dogs shouldn't be raised by women and this is why.


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Sonic waves!
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Craigslist and meet the families that are interested?
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(07-23-2018, 01:48 PM)unclelunatic Wrote:
(07-23-2018, 01:47 PM)Guest Wrote: Dogs shouldn't be raised by women and this is why.

I disagree with this.

There are plenty of men and women who should not raise dogs.
I've seen plenty of men and women who can and have raised dogs.

Probably best to not generalize 50% of the entire population due to your own ignorance.

I've seen lots of women who have raised dogs that became aggressive because the woman never popped her titty out the dogs mouth.

I've seen no dog raised by a man that was aggressive.

Best not to generalize 100% of the population based on your own ignorance.
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(07-23-2018, 01:49 PM)Guest Wrote: Sonic waves!

This gets our dogs attention pretty well.


Of course I also have no problem putting my boot in their asses when they need it, and they do need it from time to time.
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