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I'm aliiiiive!!!
[Image: 50cal_rifle_shot.gif]
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I had a solid 4 weeks, and that's when it became evident I had NO long term strategy. It didn't help that I got screwed by a few of my top picks (DAMMIT, Dez!!).

I usually check in everywhere once or twice a day (even if I don't post), but as soon as I get the email invite, I'll sign up again. We should start an official FF players thread.

It'll give me TWO places to talk massive amounts of shit that my ass can't back up. Chuckle
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I've got a FF thread here somewhere :)

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(07-28-2016, 07:22 PM)CupidStunt Wrote: Well...logged in, at least.  Troll2

You need a rockin' theme song.


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