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I just watched the Fred Rogers movie.

This is truly an inspiring movie. I thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I'm sorry I don't have a full version to post here but everyone who can should see this. If you don't believe me, check this U tube comment left on this trailer.

I have never seen a more life changing movie than this. Last night I had seen this movie, and I have been planning to kill myself for a few weeks. I had a plan set out and I was just going day by day until the day I chose to die came. This movie made me realize that I am loved and I am beautiful. This movie made me realize that I am not half as bad as I think. This movie made me realize that not only am loved, but that I am lovable and worthy of love. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood every time it came on. I diddnt realize how much that man shaped me in to who I am today. I recommend seeing this movie more than any movie I have ever seen before. If youre here and you havent seen it, Im begging you. WATCH IT.

If you have HBO, check it out or rent the video.
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