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I don't believe this Christchurch Massacre was Real - not just False Flag, but a Hoax*MERGED*
Responding to @Dawahproof comments. (that I stumbled across because he/she didn't have the basic manners to tag me)

Looking at your response shows my initial impression correct. Totally ignoring my apology shows that at the very least, you're a dickhead.

It's simple; anyone who reveres a pedophile & follows a book that permits pedophilia, rape, the keeping of sex slaves, lying, cheating, the domination of others & killing those who disagree, are uncivilised, mentally deficient filth who don't belong in civilised countries.
No such thing as a 'moderate moslime'.

Tell the truth, you're either from a 3rd world background, a moslime apologist or both.
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(04-19-2019, 10:21 PM)Dawahproof Wrote: Responding to Elric's comments:

Yes I am extremely prejudiced against those who have an agenda to destroy our culture, to kill us, to rape our girls & who revere a filthy pedophile who drank camel piss & who kept sex slaves. Yet you seem to have a problem with that.

Are there ANY Muslims you aren't prejudiced against, or do you believe that they ALL have an agenda to destroy our culture, kill us, or rape our girls?

No I didn't catch Mo the Pedophile in congress with a goat, what a ludicrous claim. Goats & other farm animals are not safe around moslimes. As they follow every other foul deed that he committed - you know, raping non-moslimes, keeping sex slaves, drinking warm camel piss, slaughtering innocents, pedophilia, etc., it's reasonable to presume that they got the idea to fornicate with animals from the foul creature himself.

I don't think it's reasonable to presume these types of things. Muslims will usually demand proof whenever someone makes a negative claim about their prophet, so whenever I say something negative about their prophet (like him being caught in bed with one of his concubines in the home of one of his eleven wives), I always have the proof at hand, from their own sources, to back it up.

I'm not able to do that with your "goat fucker" presumption. Are there Muslims who have sex with animals? Probably. But is that an idea they got from Muhammad? Not according to their sources: "The Messenger of Allah said: 'Whoever has intercourse with an animal, kill him and the animal too.'" (Sunan Abu Dawud, #4464)

Why would you defend the evil thing if you're not a moslime?  

I'm not defending him. I just don't like to accuse him of doing something I can't prove. If I can't prove it, I don't make the accusation. As for the raping of non-Muslims, keeping sex slaves, prescribing camel urine to cure an illness, beheading young Jewish boys, having sex with a 9 year old girl who he married when she was 6 – how can I argue with any of those facts? They are all documented in their sources.

You say "negative things about Muhammad all the time" You do? I haven't noticed.

Of course you haven't. I never mentioned them here.

Moslimes consider any non-moslime as beneath them, as people for them to dominate & to do as they please. They consider me as an "enemy" regardless of what I do or say. So I couldn't give a flying fark what the vile creatures think of me.

Do you believe that ALL Muslims have this mentality?

How is it a "lie" when I don't know & said as much? What I said was that you appeared suspicious, & gave my reasons why, & simply asked you a few questions that you initially refused to answer, raising my suspicions even further.
Then I asked you to make it clear what you thought of Muhammad the Pedophile which you also refused to do.

No. It's a lie because what you said was, "Sets up an account on 31/3, then starts to post just on this thread TO TRY & CONVINCE OTHERS THAT THIS IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A DS OPERATION to make Whitey look bad & to disarm honest citizens."

What you see in BOLD CAPS is what I have an issue with. What did I ever type in any of my posts that made you accuse me of posting on this thread to try to convince others that this was anything than a DS operation? THAT is the question that I want you to answer.

You said you'd put me on ignore. So you lied? To be honest I really don't care one way or the other but please, do make up your mind rather than flinging around idle threats.

I never said that I would "put you on ignore". What I said was, "Unlike XassX, I can ignore someone without actually putting them on ignore." In other words, I would still read your posts, but if I didn't like the questions you were asking, I would ignore them. It didn't mean that I was going to go to your profile and click the "Add to Ignore List" button like she did with me.

If you think that my comments are just "anti-moslime and anti-islamic rhetoric", then you really do need to read the Devils Handbook, aka the koran.

I've read it, and I know that their scripture teaches them that "kafirs" like you and I are the worst of creatures.

It's comments like that that raises others suspicion. Islam is a vile disease that has no place in civilised countries. Can't you see that?


If you're not a moslime or a moslime sympathiser then you have my unreserved apologies. I do mean that. If you aren't then you should have made that clear from the start.

Let me ask you a question, and be completely honest with me. I don't know if you believe that 50 Muslims were actually killed in Christchurch, but if they were, is this heinous act something that you condone or is it something that you condemn?

My tolerance for these vile invaders, their 'culture' & their agenda is extremely low, as it should be for all moral civilised people.

So what type of behavior should they expect from you once your extremely low tolerance completely runs out?

You, motherfucker are a Heman sock or one of his ilk. And to answer your last question. Bullets. Now go home and cry to Mama./
Built to ignore totally arbitrary boundaries of others.
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This is a great thread with some excellent detective work going on, but it's hard to wade through all the BS. Let's keep it on track and keep it civil, or I'll shut it down. Last call...
If you have to fight, fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark. And brother, it's starting to rain...

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