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I don't believe this Christchurch Massacre was Real - not just False Flag, but a Hoax*MERGED*
I wanted to create a separate thread on this because there are so many pages on the other and I think this is such an important topic - the concept that this is not only a false flag, but an actual hoax, which I believe it is after viewing the video. My analysis is below. Conspiracy experts are going to have to take this apart frame by frame but I feel pretty confident in what I see. I know many will hate me or flame me for this and I can't help that, I'm sorry to offend you, but I have to be honest, and I'm usually a pretty unpopular person because of that, LOL. But I have to say what I think no matter how unpopular.

Okay, I got up the steel to look at the video. I strongly suspect this is NOT real. I'm not seeing enough blood, nor am I seeing people acting like I think they normally would. I have to wonder about something as simple as the people on the street not reacting to this guy walking towards them with guns. Then he goes inside and I'm not seeing any blood exploding anywhere, on the walls, on the floors. I'm not seeing bullet holes in anything or any kind of wreckage. I'm not seeing victims moving around at all, in fact they look like piles of dummies.

Also, something else that others have noted. He picks up a magazine in the hallway where I don't think he left anything previously from going back and forth in the video. Where did that magazine come from? I don't see him throwing down anything past that first victim in the hallway as he's coming in. Perhaps I missed that.

And what is he shooting at on the street? There's no one there. And why is there no one coming to this mosque at this point? No congregants coming late. No one running in the street. No police have been called despite people seeing him coming down the street originally with the gun. Also, all the people in the mosque appear to be male. Is that normal in mosques on Friday? I don't know, maybe it is.

So he walks to his car, and then he goes back up the same street and again...is shooting at nobody. Why would he do this? Why would he go back INTO the mosque and start shooting all over again? And nobody has moved, no survivors.

These look mostly like piles of dummies to me, esp the one he goes into close at 10:49. There's actually a "body" by the window that appears to have NO FACE (10:59 IIRC). And not because it's been shot off....it just...has no face. It's against the wall beside the 'body" in the flowered shirt. Where is the FACE? Some head cover appears to get shot off but I don't see a face. And why are they all huddled in corners from the beginning. It looks like a mix of real humans playing dead and dummies to me.

Why is there NO blood on the walls? I see what seems to be blood on the floors, but nothing on the walls. I would think there would be a lot of spatterings. Also, again, maybe I've missed something, but when he shoots these wounded or dead people, none of whom seem to be moving (no survivors?) there doesn't seem to be any blood spurting or spraying from those wounds.

Also, is this footage from ONE mosque? I understand he shot up 2. Or is this one place considered 2 mosques? I also don't see how this would be a body count of at least 49 (and where are the survivors - he couldn't have a 100% kill rate) - it looks maybe like a couple of dozen - maybe 3 dozen tops.

Also, I imagine, perhaps wrongly, that Christchurch is a small city. Are there no police? People see this guy on the street, at least 1 couple did. I would hope somebody escaped this and ran out and started calling the police or called from a cell phone. No?

Also, why is the gun flashing IN the car - I wondered as he was driving along with the stupid music what was flashing by his seat. I could see when he got out it was the gun. Why was the gun flashing then? It was flashing while he was driving and then flashing when he got out. I don't know about these guns but it looked like it was already firing something. Obviously not bullets but maybe he never was firing bullets, just blanks.

Also, why is nobody screaming? The lack of sound is bizarre except for the woman yelling help me at the end. Also, was she the only woman in the mosque? Where are the other women and why aren't we seeing or hearing them or why didn't they call the cops? Are there no kids with them? Why would only ONE woman be at this place, they usually travel in groups, esp family groups.

This film is going to have to be analyzed carefully frame by frame, literally. I'm not the person to do this, but I know there are people like Jim Fetzer or Ole Dammegard, etc, who can do that and hopefully will. This reminds me of the Nice Truck hoax footage which I had been told was so horrible, until I looked at it and that was pretty obvious fakeage. A YTber from Australia was able to prove that examining the video. Can't think of his name off hand but he was driven off YT and I think ended up with serious legal trouble - you know how they stick people.

They rely on suggestion - they keep telling us that this is so horrible that no normal person would WANT to see this and people always expect it's going to be horrible so they don't see it. Or they look at it and the suggestion has been planted in their minds that these are murder victims so that's what people see. But it needs to be looked at in the context that this is a...well....hoax. A MOVIE, like thousands of others we've seen in our lives. Why doesn't he have better video for one thing, the quality is kind of grainy.

Of course continuous censorship both prevents many people from seeing this, but also puts the idea in people's heads that this is more horrible than things they've seen in many movies over the years. Creating suggestion is major part of mind control.

At any rate, I know this will be a very unpopular opinion, but I have been down that road many times and I'm generally vindicated no matter how much people detest me when I say this stuff. I have to say what I see. As I say, I'm eager to see what conspiracy experts will do with an extensive frame by frame analysis. I'm sorry that this will piss people off, but I have to call them as I see them. I have serious doubts about this event. And it makes me kind of happy to think that 49 people (and however many, if any, survivors) are actually alive today than massacred.
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I knew it was You.
"100% Bullshit" - Han Sole
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(03-16-2019, 01:51 AM)VonLud Wrote: I knew it was You.

LOL, how do you mean?
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(03-16-2019, 02:19 AM)Mehitable Wrote:
(03-16-2019, 01:51 AM)VonLud Wrote: I knew it was You.

LOL, how do you mean?

You are the PitBull to sniff out the fakery.
"100% Bullshit" - Han Sole
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Get an avatar.

"100% Bullshit" - Han Sole
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Whether real or not.

The tsunami that will follow is very real.
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(03-16-2019, 02:58 AM)SMOK3Y Wrote: Whether real or not.  

The tsunami that will follow is very real.

Well, that's the problem: We cannot continue to allow the Intel agencies of DeepState to create these fake narratives that their MSM propaganda outlets push as real to dictate public policy and to divide us and create hatred and war. What these agencies and DeepState do with creating these events is far more evil than the sick mind that could carry out an actual massacre. These monsters are destroying the peace of the world and the essence of democracy and truth. There must be a deep place in hell for them.

In general, I would urge people NOT TO REACT EMOTIONALLY to events that are presented to them. Frequently these events are not real, and even if there is some element of reality, it is skewed as propaganda. They want us to react from the start so they can manipulate and intimidate us and we MUST call them on it. ALL of these events must be viewed and investigated by the public. I would prefer Public Inquests where all evidence and photos and information are reviewed and attended by the public at large and probably streamed.

These false flags and hoaxes MUST end and we must have the courage to call them on this. That might slow down or even stop, the tsunami.
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Oh, the Australian You Tuber who investigated many events and demonstrated that they were false flags and hoaxes was named Peekay Truth and he was one of the very first victims of You Tube censorship and attack. His videos were always outstanding and explicit, and he was a man of great courage to present these.
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Dude did you read any of the "manifesto" total troll.

Non serviam
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(03-16-2019, 03:17 AM)Danno512 Wrote: Dude did you read any of the "manifesto" total troll.

No Danno, I assume that's all bullshit. I probably will later, but I had to skew up my courage to watch the video because I kept being told how awful it was, and it's....just....not. It's far less graphic than almost any action movie because....it's not real. It's obviously not real.

I love how at the beginning he tells people to IIRC, subscribe to Pewdiepie (sp?). I'm not a listener of this fellow but I know the DeepState absolutely hates him and keeps trying to tar him and this is yet another, very intense effort. I assume the "manifesto" is a worthless pile of vague shit that can be interpreted in a number of different ways depending on which group you hate and want to tar.

I'll take a look tomorrow just to complete the analysis. Do you have a current link?
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