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Hurricane Florence
I’m gonna go for a drive

Need to clear my head

I’m over whelmed by the burdens of this World
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"An area of low pressure centered about 300 miles south-southeast of Hatteras, North Carolina, is moving toward the west-northwest. This system has the chance to acquire some tropical characteristics during the next 24-48 hours as it tracks over warm water and turns on a more northwesterly then northerly course. This could lead to the development of a tropical depression or tropical storm as the system approaches the North Carolina coast Tuesday night and Wednesday. Should the system reach tropical storm strength, it will be named "Michael." All residents and interests along the southeastern coast of the United States, especially the Outer Banks of North Carolina and areas near these barrier islands should closely monitor this system. Current indications are that if the system were to develop, the heaviest rain and the strongest winds would be most likely on the eastern side of the system and thus would probably remain offshore."

Lower Frequencies on a Higher Plane

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